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We take the time to read the nutrition labels on our food, so it only makes sense to turn our attention to our furry best friends’ food next. Whether or not you have taken the time to read through the ingredients before, it’s time to take a second look. Much like some of the nutritional labels, you’ll find in processed human food, the list of ingredients on your dog’s food can be downright frightening. Often, you’ll find that you can’t even pronounce the majority of the nutritional label. 

It leaves you wondering how your dog could thrive with a diet that relies on this type of feed. Luckily, there are options out there to help you improve the overall quality of life for your pooch and inevitably for you at the same time. 

The Farmers Dog provides you with human-grade ingredients producing high-quality dog food with the convenience of doorstep delivery. With The Farmer’s Dog, you can easily reduce the stress of finding perfectly balanced food for your dog.

If you are shopping around for the best pet food available for your new pup, or you are looking to improve your furry friend’s overall diet, take a look further into the services provided with our The Farmer’s Dog food review.

What Is The Farmer’s Dog?

a new order of The Farmer's Dog

Known as one of the most popular freshly made dog food brands out there today, The Farmer’s Dog entered the industry in 2014. The Farmer’s Dog was founded by two dog dads who were tired of only finding highly-processed dog food out there for their furry friends. 

When co-founder Brett Podolsky was faced with severe digestive issues in his two-year-old Rottweiler pup, Jada, his vet at the time recommended a homemade food diet of simple meals for her moving forward. Luckily for Jada and Brett, Jada’s symptoms seemed to be relieved nearly overnight. Immediately, Brett became fascinated by the health benefits of switching dogs over to fresh meals.

Not long after Jada’s speedy recovery, Brett partnered up with his friend and fellow dog dad, Jonathan Regev. Together they created The Farmer’s Dog, which provides a variety of high-quality ingredients blended with additional vitamins and minerals essential for your dog’s well-being. Backed by veterinary professionals, The Farmer’s Dog aims to provide simple meals for your pup that have been thoughtfully guided by science and driven by love.

We recommend Farmer’s Dog, and think you’ll love it…Learn more at their website:

Food Overview

The Farmer’s Dog is a dog food delivery service that offers high-quality ingredients, including the freshest meats and vegetables out there. With a team of board-certified veterinarian nutritionists that help design the meals to ensure all of your dog’s nutritional needs are met, The Farmer’s Dog also has additional vitamins and minerals added in each meal. 


The Farmer’s Dog is currently offered four different recipes, which include turkey, beef, chicken, and pork. Below you will find the detailed list of top-quality human-grade ingredients for each recipe.


  • USDA turkey
  • Chickpeas
  • Carrot
  • Broccoli
  • Parsnip
  • Spinach
  • Fish oil


  • USDA ground beef
  • Sweet potato
  • Lentils
  • Carrot
  • USDA beef liver
  • Kale
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Fish oil


  • USDA chicken
  • Brussel sprout
  • USDA chicken liver
  • Bok choy
  • Broccoli
  • Fish oil


  • USDA pork
  • Sweet potato
  • Potato
  • Green beans
  • Cauliflower
  • USDA pork liver
  • Fish oil

Added Vitamins and Minerals

Each of the four recipes also contains added vitamins and minerals to ensure your dog is receiving a healthy, well-balanced meal. You can have peace of mind in knowing that these additions to your pup’s meals have been carefully selected by The Farmer’s Dog team of veterinary nutritionists. Each of the following vitamins and minerals has been added to The Farmer’s Dog recipes:

  • Tricalcium phosphate
  • Sea salt
  • Vitamin B12 supplement
  • Choline bitartrate
  • Taurine
  • Zinc amino acid chelate
  • Iron amino acid chelate
  • Vitamin E supplement
  • Copper amino acid chelate
  • Thiamine mononitrate
  • Riboflavin
  • Potassium iodide
  • Pyridoxine
  • Hydrochloride
  • Vitamin D3 supplement
  • Folic acid


In addition to finding some of the freshest ingredients out there in each meal provided by The Farmers Dog, you can also expect to find highly valued macronutrients as well. Below you will find the macronutrient breakdown, easily accessible from the website, for each of The Farmer’s Dog recipes currently available.


  • 1170 kcal/kg
  • 9% min crude protein
  • 4.5% min crude fat
  • 1.5% min crude fiber
  • 76% max moisture


  • 1530 kcal/kg
  • 11% min crude protein
  • 8% min crude fat
  • 1.5% min crude fiber
  • 73% max moisture


  • 1300 kcal/kg
  • 10% min crude protein
  • 6% min crude fat
  • 1% min crude fiber
  • 77% max moisture


  • 1390 kcal/kg
  • 9% min crude protein
  • 7% min crude fat
  • 1.5% min crude fiber
  • 75% max moisture

The Farmer’s Dog Food Packaging

When you order your fresh dog food through The Farmer’s Dog, you can rest assured that your food is safe for your dog’s consumption upon arrival at your home. All deliveries come properly insulated to keep the product partially frozen. That way, when it arrives at your door, you can either use it right away for feeding or freeze it for later dates.

It is also worth mentioning that your deliveries through The Farmer’s Dog come in environmentally friendly, BPA-free, and non-toxic packaging. Your deliveries arrive in recyclable cardboard boxes with recyclable insulating materials and individual pet food containers inside. The boxes and insulated materials are both completely compostable. You can even dissolve the insulation materials in water and run them directly down your drain.

Ordering Process

The ordering process through The Farmers Dog is quick and easy. You can be on your way to fresh dog food delivery in no time when you follow these simple steps.

1. Fill Out Your Basic Information

First, you will need to fill out some basic information about yourself. This includes how many dogs you would like to feed, where you live, what your name is, and your email address.

2. Fill Out Information About Your Dog

This is where you can begin to see personalization in your dog’s meals through The Farmer’s Dog. You will begin this section by filling out basic information about your dog, which includes:

  • Sex
  • Age
  • Spay/neuter status
  • Weight
  • Breed
  • Current body type
  • Activity level
  • Eating style

The Farmer’s Dog makes filling out this portion extremely easy with the help of drop-down menus and picture guides to help you select the most fitting answer for your dog.

This section is also where you will specify any current issues your dog is experiencing regarding its health. You can select as many of the following options that you notice in your dog:

Finish out this section by filling out what your pet’s diet currently consists of, including whether or not they are a prescription diet.

3. Pick Your Plan

Once you have completed filling out all of your pet’s information, The Farmer’s Dog formulates a plan special to your pup. As you can see, our sample recommends three out of the four recipes offered. While the fourth recipe, pork, is available, it is not recommended based on my dog’s information.

4. Checkout

Last, you will complete the information to create your user account, including your shipping and billing information as follows.

And that’s it. In four simple steps, which just take you a few minutes to complete, you can be one step closer to a happier and healthier life for you and your pup.

Customer Testimonials

The Farmer’s Dog has received rave reviews from the hundreds of thousands of meals it has served to dogs across the country. You can check out their five-star rating from Google, along with testimonials sharing some of the benefits of switching pups over to fresh food diets.

You can also view veterinarian testimonials directly on The Farmer’s Dog website.

In addition to the positive reviews from consumers and veterinarians alike, you’ll find that The Farmer’s Dog also has credible mentions from reputable sources.

My Personal Experience: Why I Recommend Farmer’s Dog

dogs getting ready to eat Farmers Dog

I tried out the recommended fresh food options to see how my dog would react. My dog is a healthy and active 60-pound mixed breed rescue that has relatively normal eating habits. She has been known to be a bit finicky at times, but I have been able to find dry food made from higher quality recipes that she’ll tolerate.

When we worked on transitioning over to a fresh food diet, her increased level of excitement at mealtime was undeniable. For me, this makes me happy to see, especially since that meant she was not wasting any bit of this super fresh food.

I was a little apprehensive about The Farmer’s Dog’s fresh food diet if I’m sincere. I was worried it could upset her somewhat sensitive stomach, making bathroom time pain for the both of us. After just a couple of days of the fresh food diet, I actually noticed that her stool became more solid and easier to clean up after!

After about a week or so, I noticed that her coat was staying shinier between baths, another added benefit to this new diet.

Honestly, I’m not sure who had the better experience with The Farmer’s Dog between my pup and me. That being said, I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to switch over to a fresh food diet.

Is The Farmer’s Dog Fresh Dog Food Better Than Traditional Kibble?

Much of our time and attention is focused on our own diets and what we put into our bodies. So, it only makes sense for us to have that same level of attention and care on our favorite, four-legged friend’s diet as well.

While there are better versions of dry kibble dog foods on the market, you’ll be shocked at the number of products going into the bag, even with the higher-end options. An even more frightening realization you will find is that you will likely not be able to recognize, let alone pronounce, the majority of them.

At the end of the day, you can’t compete with fresh dog food that comes from 100% fresh, human-grade ingredients. Even the American Kennel Club (AKC) agrees. Based on research conducted by the AKC, feeding your dog on fresh food diet comes with a variety of benefits, including improvement in the following areas of their health:

  • Overall well-being
  • Heart health
  • Levels of energy
  • Healthier, shinier coats
  • Better smelling breath
  • Eyesight
  • Healthier stools

When you opt for a fresh food diet, whether it be The Farmer’s Dog or not, your dog is getting a veterinarian-developed meal plan that is designed specifically for them. You and your pet will get to reap the benefits of making this healthier lifestyle switch.

Pros & Cons

If you’re looking into trying out The Farmer’s Dog’s fresh dog food delivery service, it’s worth taking a look at the pros and cons of the experience. Based on my experience, here’s what I was able to find out.


As I have mentioned, the pros definitely outweighed the cons in our experience with The Farmer’s Dog for me and my pup. Not only were we able to develop a diet based on my own dog food nutrient profiles, but we were able to do so at an affordable price point.

  • Customizable Plans

Maybe you are looking for a meal topper only or looking to transition into fresh food feeding slowly. If that is the case, you should know that The Farmers Dog allows you to adjust your daily pre-portioned sizes for your order. Having these options allows you to use their fresh food as a mixer or a topper, an excellent cost-saving option. If you have a large or giant breed dog, this can help you save significantly, especially in the long run.

The Farmer’s Dog also allows you to customize your shipments’ frequency, which can be helpful if you have limited refrigerator space. You can opt for deliveries every seven, 14, 18, or 20 days.

  • Prepared in USDA Kitchens

The Farmer’s Dog’s unique feature is that all of its kitchens have all been USDA certified. Based on USDA-facility standards, all meals are cooked gently at low temperatures. Each meal is flash-frozen following cooking to ensure safe shipping and storage once it gets to your door.

On Staff Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionists

The food that The Farmer’s Dog produces meets or exceeds all Association of American feed standards, so you know you are getting high-quality and nutritional formulas. The Farmer’s Dog also has board-certified veterinary nutritionists on staff that help to specially develop all of their dog food recipes, which ensures each formulated recipe is 100% balanced and complete as per AAFCO standards.

Additionally, having the on-staff veterinarian nutritionists helps The Farmer’s Dog to be able to provide a more customized meal plan for your dog. Each plan is based on different combinations of the breed, age, activity level, ideal weight, and food sensitivities and has your dog’s dietary needs and characteristics in mind.

You can also take comfort in knowing that as you begin your journey with The Farmer’s Dog, you have a team of nutritionists available to help you monitor your dog’s progress. They can also be readily available to suggest any adjustments you or your pup may need along the way.

  • Fresh Ingredients

The Farmer’s Dog works closely with small, local farms and highly reputable food suppliers, prioritizing sourcing the freshest ingredients possible. The Farmer’s Dog is always sure to use the highest ingredients available, including USDA-graded proteins, in its kitchens.

According to The Farmer’s Dog, they deliver all of their dog food subscription services as “restaurant-quality.” All meal plans are also free of feed-grade, preservative, or any ingredients of the like.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

If your dog isn’t a fan of your recipe pick for that box, you can receive alternative options to help you figure out what they like best of The Farmer’s Dog offerings. If that doesn’t suffice, you can always receive a full refund based on its 100% satisfaction guarantee. The Farmer’s Dog simply asks that you donate whatever meals you have leftover to a local animal shelter when seeking a refund.

  • First Box Offer

You can access a 20% discount directly from The Farmer’s Dog website for your first order. 20% off your first box is a considerable discount to take advantage of for first-time buyers. In this first box, you will receive up to two weeks of pet food delivered right to your door.

  • Stress-Free Travel

If you travel often or are worried about that being a concern for keeping your dog’s diet consistent, you don’t have to worry when you order through The Farmer’s Dog. You can receive the same delivery conveniently wherever you may need it. Change your shipping address any time you like or rush order to your home before leaving for your next trip.

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The Farmers Dog makes sure that you have the resources you need to keep your pup happy and healthy, even while away, regardless of which option you prefer.


The only real downside to The Farmer’s Dog that I came across was the costs associated with a fresh dog food delivery service. As you can imagine, fresh dog food tends to be more expensive than your traditional dry kibble found in stores. But, if you consider the amount you will pay for high-grade kibble or even prescription level food, the costs are hardly different.

Additionally, you should also keep in mind the long-term cost savings of changing over to fresh dog food. Over time you will undoubtedly save in veterinary bills and prescriptions associated with poor health brought on by lower valued diets for your pup.

Pricing: How Much Does it Cost per Day and Week?

The Farmer’s Dog plans’ pricing varies depending on factors specific to your dog’s breed, age, weight, activity level, etc. You can figure out your exact costs by filling out their quick survey online.

The Farmer’s Dog Pricing per Week

  • Small dog (10-20lbs) = $29-$35
  • Medium dog (30-40lbs) = $51-$53
  • Large dog (50-70lbs) = $64-$90
  • Shipping = Free

The Farmer’s Dog Pricing per Day

  • Small dog (10-20lbs) = $2-$5
  • Medium dog (30-40lbs) = $7-$8
  • Large dog (50-70lbs) = $9-$12

*Prices current at the time of publication – get most up-to-date pricing at their website

If you are a first-time buyer of The Farmer’s Dog, they also offer a 20% off discount code for your first order directly from their page.

Another great feature of The Farmer’s Dog is that they offer free shipping within the contiguous United States. Unlike other fresh dog food delivery services out there, you don’t have to worry about added shipping costs when calculating your total.

Is Farmer’s Dog Worth It?

In my opinion, The Farmer’s Dog is definitely worth it. If you currently reside within the contiguous United States and are looking to switch your dog’s diet to fresh food, The Farmer’s Dog is a great delivery service you consider.

Try out The Farmer’s Dog for 2 weeks during your trial order and see for yourself. Anticipate seeing positive results in your pup within this trial period. If you are not happy with what you receive, you can get your money back thanks to The Farmer’s Dog’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.

There are several different scenarios in which The Farmer’s Dog should be a top pick for you. You should pick The Farmer’s Dog food if:

  • You are just starting with fresh-made meals for your dog
  • You are looking to save a few bucks
  • You want to try out a variety each week
  • You want to be more environmentally friendly with packaging
  • You would like to support small, local farms
  • You prioritize USDA standards for your pup’s food

Review Summary: Final Tips for Deciding if it’s Right for You

I went into my trial of The Farmer’s Dog with my own apprehensions if I am frank. I was worried about the cost and whether my dog would enjoy the meals and see the benefits.

I am happy to report back that I was blown away by the results even within days from starting the transition. Especially considering that my dog, in particular, is known for being a bit picky at times with new food, I was thrilled to see that she gobbled each of The Farmer’s Dog pre-portioned meals up eagerly. 

Also, it was nice to see that none of the food negatively impacted her sensitive stomach, even during the transition period. Overall, I saw healthier stools, a shinier, smoother coat, and a more pleasurable meal experience in my pup within the first week of trying them out.

I have already put in my next order for my The Farmer’s Dog. Ready to get started?