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Finding the right dog food for your beloved pet is easier said than done. When you are busy all the time and still want to tailor your dog’s diet, it’s important to look at the options that are available for you to take advantage of.

Two options that are noted for being among the best dog food delivery services include – Ollie and Just Food for Dogs.

This comparison is going to assess what each food delivery service is all about, why it works well, and which type of dog owner should be going with it.

Features and Company Comparison

1. Ollie Key Features and Benefits

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  • Custom Meal Plans

It is the meal plans that are going to draw you in with Ollie.

They have fine-tuned the art of taking a dog’s specific information and then customizing the diet plan based on this information. Just being able to reach out to dog nutritional experts that know what to account for makes a difference.

Everything is detail-oriented and they maintain an open line of communication when it comes to these custom meal plans.

Dog owners will know they are going to feed all of the details into the application form and the rest is going to be done for them. It is simple, effective, and ideal for those who are busy all the time.

  • 100% Fresh Dog Food

What is the one thing dog owners expect from a dog food delivery service?

You are going to want 100% fresh dog food and that is not going to be a concern at all. You can easily set things into motion with Ollie and know the team will offer access to high-grade food.

The benefits include:

  • Long List of Natural Foods
  • Ideal for All Types of Dogs
  • Easy to Digest

They vet each aspect of the process to make sure dog owners are happy with the food sent to their front door. It is this simplicity that is appealing and it is always as fresh as it needs to be.

  • Pup-Tainers

A key feature that comes along with Ollie has to do with the “pup-tainers” and how they work. In general, the average dog owner won’t know how to manage feedings and that can make it difficult to optimize how the diet plan works.

With the help of pup-tainers, it is easy to regulate the work being done.

You get high-grade containers that are made for dogs. These are easy to set up and work well for the portion control that you are hoping to manage for your dog.

  • Flexible Scheduling

They also provide access to flexible scheduling.

This is imperative for dog owners that are trying to receive food deliveries at specific times of the week. You are going to want the food on your front door by a set date and that is what you are going to get here.

The benefits include:

  • Fully Customized Schedules
  • Regular Deliveries
  • Easy for All Types of Dog Owners

This type of schedule is a major plus point and it is something to account for moving forward.

You are going to enjoy the perks that come along with getting the food delivered to you when you want it the most.

2. Just Food for Dogs Key Features and Benefits

some just food for dogs food

  • Customized Prepared Diets

With this brand, you are looking at a company that is focused on tailored meal plans.

They build an entire diet plan based on the information you are giving to them about the dog. This includes their medical history, what they like eating, and what is best for their health.

Everything is customized and they do not leave anything to chance. This attention to detail is impressive and it is something that allows dog owners to feel in control over what their dog is eating every day.

  • Flexible Deliveries

Getting the dog food in your possession as soon as possible matters.

Just Food for Dogs is all about setting high standards when it comes to deliveries. They are quick with the delivery and will ensure it is at your front door when it is supposed to be each week or month.

The benefits include:

  • Customized Timings
  • Ideal for All Types of Schedules
  • Easy to Adjust

This is paramount when it comes to feeding your dog and sticking to the diet plan.

This is a company that is all about focusing on tailoring both your and the dog’s experience. This is something they focus on from day one and it shows through the flexible deliveries.

  • Specialized Diet Formulation

One of the key benefits associated with Just Food for Dogs has to do with their diet formulation. This is a specific part of their process that is built with the help of nutritionists.

These are professional nutritionists that are responsible for vetting what your dog is going to be eating and what is best for their type of breed. Having this level of depth during the process is a major plus point and it is something that attracts dog owners.

You are going to get a specialized diet plan as soon as the process begins.

This diet plan is going to include nutrient-based details along with the right number of calories to keep the dog full throughout the day.

  • Wide Array of Recipes

Whether it is a meat-based diet or includes other types of fresh foods, there is a sense of variation at play with Just Food for Dogs.

They go above and beyond to provide a long list of recipes that are built for different types of dogs and their preferences.

The benefits include:

  • 100% Fresh Food
  • Complete Nutrient Blends
  • Easy to Digest for Dogs

Each dog is unique when it comes to this and that is not a problem for this company. They are meticulous when it comes to this aspect of their program.

They have quite a few options to choose from including their nutrient blends.

Menu and Food Comparison

Ollie’s Menu and Food Options

1. Meat-Based Meals

The heart of their diet plans has to do with meat.

This includes different types of meat such as lamb, chicken, beef, and turkey. The goal for Ollie is to provide high-protein dog food that is fresh and in line with international standards.

This is appealing for those who want to make sure their dog is eating enough meat throughout the day to keep them satisfied.

These meat-based meals are not only good for the dog but also balanced with other types of meals.

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2. Fresh Vegetables

A key part of any good dog diet is going to be protein but what about additional ingredients that are necessary for keeping them healthy?

This includes fresh vegetables which is a big part of their overall menu.

The ingredients include:

  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Peas
  • Rosemary
  • Spinach

These are just some of the ingredients that are available through Ollie for dogs. Each recipe is going to incorporate these vegetables and will make sure things taste as good as the dog wants.

Just Food for Dogs Menu and Food Options

1. Fresh Meals

There is a joy that comes along with fresh meals and that is what you are going to find appealing when it comes to Just Food for Dogs.

The comprehensive nature of the fresh meals is something they vet in great detail.

This includes the meat, vegetables, and nutrient blends that are made by the company.

2. Meat

The heart of any good diet is always going to come down to the meat for dogs.

Dogs love high-protein meals and that is always going to consist of great-quality meat. With this company, the meat is without question a great benefit and it tastes in line with what a dog wants.

There are different types of recipes that are built around their meat options.

The foods include:

  • Chicken
  • Lamb
  • Beef
  • Turkey

Being able to get a diet that is shaped around meat adds value to the dog’s quality of life and what they are eating throughout the day.

3. Nutrient Blends

A factor that stands out about Just Food for Dogs has to do with their additional blends. These nutrient blends are based on the idea of making sure the dog is getting all of its vitamins in during the day.

Getting one of these nutrient blends in will be a part of the meal plan.

This is unique to Just Food for Dogs and does add value in different ways.

Price Comparison

1. Ollie

2. Just Food for Dogs

  • Week’s Worth of Food – $70-$175

You Should Pick Ollie if…

The goal is to find a 100% fresh meal plan, affordable meals, consistent deliveries, customized meal options, and flexible scheduling.

Ollie is all about setting high standards while remaining budget-friendly and that is something dog owners can rely on if it’s important to them.

You Should Pick Just Food for Dogs if…

The goal is to find a nutritionist-based dog meal plan, flexible deliveries, a wide array of recipes, additional supplements, and exceptional customer service.