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We all love our dogs. Like our own children, we want the best for them. This is what has made dog subscription boxes so incredibly popular over the years. These subscription boxes offer both practical value and the surprise factor that we all know and love.

After a while, you might even see your dog getting excited when they see the box. There is no better feeling as a dog owner than to see your dog wagging its tail waiting for you to open the box of goodies.

If you are thinking about jumping in on the fun, you will have a variety of choices to sort through. Two of the main subscription boxes for dogs are Bark Box and Pup Joy. Each come with their unique value proposition. Choosing between the two can be difficult. After all, they both offer a lot of the same things, but the subscriptions do differ in some areas. Knowing what you want out of the subscription service can help.

By the end of this article, you should have a good understanding of what you are getting with each subscription box.

Features Comparison: What BarkBox and PupJoy Have to Offer

1. Bark Box Key Features & Benefits

an overview of BarkBox's key features

  • Monthly Themes

With Bark Box, you are paying for the curation of dog goodies. Bark Box ships out (1) box per month that has items that fit a certain theme. This can make it exciting for both the owner and the dog. Each box shipped out each month comes with (2) toys, (2) natural treats, and a dog chew. All of the items in the box will fit the central theme for that month. Some of the different themes that have shipped out in the past include; Spa Day, Peanuts, Home Alone, and even Lick or Treat. All of these themes make the subscription service much more of an experience than anything else you will find available.

  • Other Boxes

With Bark Box, they have since expanded. While you can choose from the original Bark Box, you can also choose from the Super Chewer subscription which is tailored for dogs that love to chew. While certainly niche, this subscription box can be very appealing to those that have dogs that chew through their chew toys within hours or days. Every toy included in this box is always fluff-free and tough. They also have other boxes like Bark Bright which are tailored to keeping your dog’s mouth as clean as possible. The items in this box include both toothpaste and dental sticks. The last subscription box Bark Box offers is known as Bark Eats. This is a box that features 28 perfectly portioned daily meals optimized for your dog’s diet, size, and age.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

One of the things that stands out about Bark Box is its commitment to complete satisfaction. They have a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee that they stand behind. They have an easy chat feature on the website that you can use if you have a problem with a shipment or if you are unsatisfied with the box you received.

  • Immediate Shipping On First Box

When you order your Bark Box, you don’t have to wait for the next month for it to begin shipping. Your order will be processed and it will ship out the current month immediately. Therefore, you will be able to get your shipment shortly after ordering it.

2. PupJoy Features & Key Benefits

PupJoy overview and features

  • Surprise and Delight Boxes

With PupJoy, you can get a box full of curated goodies delivered monthly for your pup. This box can be delivered upon your selection of either monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly. The box will be curated based on your dog’s size.

  • Build Your Delivery

You can choose to build your delivery if needed. This can be a better option for those that have picky dogs or for those that have multiple dogs. That way, you will be able to swap out different products that get shipped in your box. You will be able to choose from a selection of chews, toys, treats, and supplements. You can even customize your delivery to get it delivered when you need it. This is a major advantage over some of the other subscription boxes because a lot of them are very rigid in not only what’s included, but also when you can have it delivered. In fact, with PupJoy, you can even get a single box delivered if you don’t want to signup for a subscription. This will enable you to get a one-off delivery.

  • Different Boxes

You will be able to choose from a range of subscription boxes that PupJoy has available. They have a Discovery Box which is curated for you. You can also choose the Power Chewers box which is tailored for dogs that are big-time chewers. You can also choose from either 6-inch or 12-inch Bully Box’s which feature (12) bully sticks to keep your dog chewing and busy.

  • Ultimate Customization

The biggest thing PupJoy has going for it is the ability to customize everything. You can choose everything that goes into the box. This makes it the perfect option for those that have dogs that happen to have allergies to specific ingredients. It also makes it perfect for those with dogs who won’t eat certain things. If your dog hates peanut butter, you will be able to customize your boxes and your subscription to ensure that you aren’t getting anything with it. You will be able to choose when and how often your box gets sent out. With other companies, you don’t have this same freedom. Even if you do, you will likely have to jump through hoops to get it. With PupJoy, you get to choose when you order. This makes it extremely easy and convenient for those who desire complete customization.

  • More Shipping Options

As mentioned above, you will be able to choose when and how often you want your boxes to ship out. This means you won’t be locked into selecting a box that ships every month. Instead, you will be able to choose one that ships every 2 weeks, one that ships every 4 weeks, and so on. Also, you will be able to have one shipped out individually. Meaning, you don’t have to subscribe if you are looking to ship a single box as a gift or to try it out for your dog one time.

What Comes With Your Bark Box Order?

Themed Collection

  • (2) Innovative Toys
  • (2) All-Natural Bags of Treats
  • (1) Chew


Bark Super Chewer Box

  • (2) Tough Toys
  • (2) Full-Size Bags of Treats
  • (2) Meaty Chews

Bark Bright

  • (1) Month Supply of Dental Sticks
  • (1) Month Supply of Toothpaste

Bark Eats

  • 28 Perfectly Portioned Daily Meals

What Comes With Your PupJoy Order?

Discovery Box

  • (2) Healthy Treats
  • (2) Unique Toys
  • (1) All-Natural Chew (tailored to your dog’s size)

Power Chewers Box

  • (2) Super Durable Toys
  • (2) All-Natural Chews (tailored to your dog’s size)

6-Inch Bully Box

  • (12) 6-Inch All-Natural Bully Sticks


12-Inch Bully Box

  • (12) 12-Inch All-Natural Bully Sticks

Price Comparison: Is BarkBox or PupJoy Cheaper?


Choosing between these two dog subscription services is more difficult than it should be. After all, the services are very similar. Bark Box is the leader in the space, but other competitors are quickly catching up. PupJoy offers a lot of what you might want as a dog owner. The standard boxes are pretty much similar. One of the advantages of Bark Box is that they do include their own designed toys.

That’s not something you get with PupJoy. Instead, you get only curated products they’ve sourced from elsewhere. If you are primarily after unique products and collaborations, Bark Box is the go-to subscription service. You won’t find the same collaborations on monthly themed boxes elsewhere. However, if you are only after practical things like innovative toys and treats, PupJoy is a very competitive option.

Likewise, if you are looking for complete customization, there is no better option than PupJoy. They make it as easy as possible to customize your subscription to ensure you are getting exactly what you want for your dog and nothing else.

You even have more choice with the frequency of your orders for those that might want it more or less frequency than the standard monthly deliver option.

You Should Pick Bark Box If…

  • You love the monthly themed boxes that Bark Box comes up with
  • You want to get the major collaborations like with new movie releases
  • You want the exclusive toys that are only available through Bark Box
  • You want the best-in-class customer service
  • You want treats that only come from the USA
  • You don’t care about customization

You Should Pick PupJoy If…

  • You value customization above all else
  • You have specific requirements that you want to be able to select for each box
  • You want full control over the shipment date without hassle
  • You want healthy treats with no additives
  • You want a company that offers full transparency with the products included
  • You want to support a company that supports pet foundations
  • You are willing to pay more for customization and convenience