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Monthly subscription boxes have become a must for pet owners. After all, pet owners want the best for their pets. Having a curated box of new toys and treats can help give pets the same feeling we get when we open up a mystery box of goodies. Worst case, it will have your dog excited to see the mailman instead of barking at them! However, with the increase in popularity of these subscription services has come more and more options to choose from.

Two of the dominant brands in the space are BarkBox and PupBox.

While you may know that you want to try one out, you may be having difficulties choosing the right one. This article should help guide you through the process of choosing. By the end, you should be able to navigate two of the best options in the marketplace to figure out which one is right for your dog.

BarkBox vs PupBox: Features Overview

BarkBox Features Overview

barkbox overview

  • Themed Collection Every Month

One of the unique aspects of BarkBox is knowing that you will get a new theme every month. This will keep both you and your dog guessing what goodies will be included. Best of all, it will take your dog on a unique adventure each month. Some of the themes BarkBox has used in the past include; Peanuts, Dogsgiving, Spa Day, and Lick or Treat [1]. These themes are specially curated to help your dog participate in the holidays along with your family or even to provide a unique experience for your dogs. This helps to keep things interesting for your dog each month which can make them even more excited to get their monthly box.

  • Ability To Customize

With BarkBox, you can customize your box to your liking. You will be able to do things like changing the assortment if you aren’t interested in getting the same thing in each box. You can choose to get fewer chews, treats, or toys in the box. You can also specify anything specific regarding ingredients or specific toy features or types you want to be excluded. This will help to ensure you aren’t getting a bunch of useless things in your monthly boxes that you either don’t want to give your dog or that you can’t give your dog.

  • Different Options To Choose From

You could choose to go with the standard BarkBox subscription or get the Super Chewer Box. The Super Chewer Box is specially designed by BARK and it curates a bunch of high-quality and durable chew toys for dogs that need it. This makes it the ideal option for those with dogs that have a lot of jaw strength who typically chew through their toys at a fast rate. A lot of standard dog toys aren’t going to be very useful to those with larger breeds with high bite power.

  • Toys and Treats Included

With BarkBox, you are getting a collection of toys and treats in each box. Each box comes with 2 innovative toys, 2 all-natural treats, and a chew. BarkBox designs all of its toys in-house for better quality and design control. This isn’t something you will be able to get with other subscription boxes.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

With BarkBox, you will be able to get a complete 100% satisfaction guarantee. If your dog isn’t completely satisfied with their BarkBox, you will be able to chat with the in-house customer service team to make it right.

PupBox Features Overview

pupbox overview

  • Toys, Treats and Chews, Accessories, and Training Products

PupBox comes with handpicked products based on your puppy’s specific needs. It includes toys that are based on your individual pup’s development. It also includes treats and chews to keep your pup busy. You will find accessories included that will assist you in training or grooming your pup each month. Best of all, it includes training guides and tips that can give you guidance on what you should be doing to assist in your pup’s development.

  • Specially Made For Puppies and New Dog Owners

One of the standout features of the PupBox is that it is built especially for puppies. Puppies have unique requirements. This subscription features a lot of the things that will guide you along the way towards helping the development of your pup. Best of all, each box will gradually change based on your pup’s dietary requirements as they grow and more. This will ensure that the box assists in keeping your pup healthy, happy, and well trained throughout their development. For instance, it will include things like how to crate train, how to teach your dog specific commands, how to use treats to train your puppy, and more.

  • They Have Adult Boxes

While the subscription is designed to cater to the growth of puppies, you can get a subscription that is tailored to adult dogs, as well. All of the adult dogs will get curated items (4-7) that have been hand-selected by the PupBox team [2]. For adult dogs, the training will focus on more advanced tricks or tips that can stimulate older dogs.

How Are PupBox and BarkBox Different?

PupBox is specially made for puppies and new dog owners. Therefore, a lot of the box will focus on the development of puppies. While they do have boxes curated for adults, the premise of the service is tailored for pups and their new owners.

Toy Comparison

BarkBox Toys

BarkBox designs all of the toys included in each subscription box in-house. Because of this, you can expect high-quality toys every single time. Best of all, BarkBox is committed to using only the highest quality materials. Because BarkBox offers Super Chewer boxes with even more durable toys, you can expect the highest quality toys you will find anywhere. All of the chews included are always made in the USA or Canada.

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PupBox Toys

Pupbox doesn’t design its products in-house. Therefore, you will get differing levels of quality based on the manufacturer used in each box. When you aren’t designing products in-house, you won’t get the same consistency. However, they only source products from manufacturers that are safe for your pup, and each product is reviewed for safety and they have an in-house testing team for quality assurance. While PupBox does include toys that can be suitable for tough chewers, they don’t have specific toys or technology specially designed for the toughest chewers.

Treat Comparison

BarkBox Treats

With BarkBox, you can count on the treats being included in each monthly box to be made in the USA and Canada. Therefore, you are getting strict quality control and standards with all of the treats included in the box.

PupBox Treats

With PupBox, you can count on the treats included in each box to be sourced from the USA or Canada. Therefore, you will be able to rest easy knowing that all of the things your dog will be ingesting come from manufacturers with strict standards.

With PupBox, you will be getting treats that are focused on helping with your pup’s development. Therefore, you won’t be getting treats purely to reward your dog for no reason. Instead, you will get training material that you can use along with the treats that should help you come up with a way to incorporate them into your daily training.

Pricing Head to Head

BarkBox Pricing

  • Monthly Subscription = $35/BarkBox
  • 6 Month Subscription = $26/BarkBox

BarkBox SuperChewer Pricing

  • Monthly Subscription = $45/Box
  • 6 Month Subscription = $35/Box

*Prices current at the time of publication – see current BarkBox prices

PupBox Pricing

  • Monthly Subscription = $39/Box
  • 3 Month Subscription = $34/Box
  • 6 Month Subscription = $32/Box
  • 12 Month Subscription = $29/Box


Overall, each of these subscription services has a lot to offer dog owners. BarkBox is the most popular and for good reason. They happen to offer some of the most creative themes you will find in any subscription services. With BarkBox, you are getting highly curated themes that can make opening your new box each month as fun and exciting for yourself as your dog. For adult dogs, it’s the clear winner.

After all, you get in-house designed toys and chews and the option to choose the SuperChewer Box if your dog is a larger breed with a higher bite force. For those who are brand new dog owners and who want a subscription box tailored to puppies and their growth, PupBox is the ideal option. Not only will the subscription service deliver toys and treats to assist in the development of your pup, but also yourself as a new dog owner with puppy training materials and accessories to help you foster a long and healthy relationship with your pup.

You Should Consider BarkBox If…

  • You have an adult dog and you have already gone through the puppy stage
  • You have a large breed who is a tough chewer. BarkBox offers superior quality toys with their SuperChewer subscription
  • You want monthly themes that will keep you and your dog interested
  • You want toys and chews designed in-house for better quality control

You Should Consider PupBox If…

  • You have a puppy
  • You are a new dog owner
  • You want a box catered toward the development of your puppy
  • You want a box that is going to help you become a better dog owner