If you thought obesity was a human problem, think again. As with humans, obesity is running rampant among the dog population. As many as 53 percent of all dogs in the country are classified as overweight [1].

This problem extends beyond the United States with an estimated 40 percent of the global population of dogs being overweight. Unfortunately, the problem is showing no signs of slowing down. While some of it can be attributed to a lack of exercise, one of the biggest contributors to this issue is what we are feeding our dogs. The fact is, the most widely available commercial dog foods in the marketplace are full of unhealthy ingredients. Not only are they heavily processed, but they contain far too many carbohydrates and other filler ingredients to lower production costs.

There have been numerous reports that showcased even dog foods marketed as grain-free weren’t and were linked to heart disease in dogs [2]. Luckily, there is a better way. Dog food delivery services like The Farmer’s Dog offer human-grade food packed full of healthy and hearty nutrients.

If you’re convinced that you want to start treating your dog better and offering them a diet that can make them healthier and happier, you’re going to want to weigh your options. While The Farmer’s Dog is certainly a good one, there are alternative options that you could consider. Below, you’ll learn about some of the best alternatives you should be looking at.

Top 5 Competitors To The Farmer’s Dog Food Delivery

1. Ollie

some ollie dog foods

Ollie is one of the top options you should be considering if you want something other than The Farmer’s Dog. Ollie is a pet food delivery service much like The Farmer’s Dog. It’s got human-grade ingredients and nutrient-balanced meals. Ollie’s has four different fresh recipes that you can choose from including Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, and Beef.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Excellent Packaging

Ollie has one of the best packagings out of any of the dog food delivery brands. Not only does the food come packaged with dry ice to keep it fresh, but each meal comes in small packages that are very easy to open. Not only is the packaging aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also Eco-friendly. The one downside to The Farmer’s Dog is that the packaging isn’t as shipping efficient. However, that only means it’s easier to store and serve. After all, each meal comes with a perfectly sized portion scooper which makes it easy to feed your dog the right amount every time.

  • Money-Back Guarantee

Another thing to note about Ollie is that they are so confident in the quality of their meal service that they are willing and able to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This is something that you should be looking for whenever you are looking to try something like new food service. After all, if food service is willing to offer such a guarantee, they are likely more confident their customers will have positive experiences. You don’t get the same guarantee with The Farmer’s Dog.

  • Snack Options

One thing that a lot of people complain about with The Farmer’s Dog is their lack of product offerings outside of the regular meal line. After all, dogs deserve to snack just as much as we do! Ollie solves this with their snack line. It gives you the ability to get your dog snacks featuring the same human-grade and high-quality ingredients as their main product line. This includes turkey strips, chicken strips, sweet potato slices, and savory beef strips. The ability to get snacks from the same place you are getting your dog’s meals can save you a lot of time and energy.

2. Spot and Tango

spot and tango fresh food in a bowl with a blue background

Spot and Tango is another option that you could consider if you are looking for an alternative to The Farmer’s Dog. Spot and Tango allow you to build your dog’s personalized meal plan using real ingredients and full transparency. Spot and Tango advertise meals that use twelve simple ingredients with nothing artificial added.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Fresh and Dry

One of the things that have put Spot and Tango on the map is the fact they offer both fresh and dry meals. They are the only dog food delivery service that offers fresh dry food using their innovative method. They do so by gently drying the real ingredients at low enough temperatures and without using any artificial flavoring or additives. If you are looking to give your dog better food but you aren’t ready to make the jump into fresh food right away, Spot and Tango’s UnKibble could be a good place to start. It gives you all of the normal convenience of kibble, but it does so without the sacrifices in food quality you normally have to live with. Also, they add a personalized scoop for your dog to ensure they get the perfect portions every time they eat.

  • Simpler Ingredients

While The Farmer’s Dog doesn’t use a whole lot more ingredients, Spot and Tango make things very simple. By only using 12 ingredients, you can rest easy knowing that everything in it is all-natural and high quality. It is a great option for those that have dogs with sensitive stomachs or with food allergies. After all, the fewer ingredients you have, the easier it is to keep their digestive system functioning properly and avoiding inflammatory responses from the wrong ingredients.

3. Nom Nom

four packages of nom nom

Nom Nom is another dog food delivery service that markets itself as a fresher and better way to feed your pets. That’s right, Nom Nom is a pet food delivery service and not just one for dogs. That’s a big difference right there.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Dogs and Cats

Unlike The Farmer’s Dog, Nom Nom was developed for both dogs and cats. Therefore, if you are someone that has a dog and a cat, you’re going to want to go with Nom Nom purely out of convenience. That way, you don’t have to go through two different pet delivery services just to get your cat and your dog the food they need. Having everything prepped and delivered by the same service can save you a lot of unwanted hassle.

  • Vertically Integrated

One of the things to like about Nom Nom is that they take care of the food every step of the way. They don’t just make the food, they handle the process from start to finish to ensure they are delivering the highest quality possible.

  • Treats Offered

Nom Nom is a service that offers treats to dog and cat parents. As mentioned previously, The Farmer’s Dog only offers their meal service. They do not offer treats. With Nom Nom, you can get a couple of different treats.

  • Supplements Offered

With Nom Nom, your buying from more than just a pet food company. You’re buying from a pet health company [3]. A company that is committed to delivering the most comprehensive health solutions for pet owners. This shows with their supplement line. They sell supplements meant to meet the needs of both dogs and cats to enhance their digestive system. All of these supplements are developed in-house by Nom Nom’s lead veterinary nutritionist.

Learn more and check current Nom Nom prices

4. PetPlate

a bowl of pet plate fresh meal surrounded by ingredients

PetPlate is another good option to consider if you want something that is an alternative to The Farmer’s Dog. PetPlate is one that you may not have heard as much about. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a viable and even better option in some cases.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Treats Offered

As mentioned, The Farmer’s Dog doesn’t offer treats. This is one of the biggest complaints and it’s not one that you can have with PetPlate. PetPlate sells treats in the form of chicken apple sausage bits. These are incredibly delicious treats that your dog is certain to love. They are made out of 100% human-grade ingredients and completely grain-free.

  • Grain-Free and Grain Options

With PetPlate, you don’t necessarily have to go with grain-free meals. PetPlate has grain-inclusive recipes like Lip Lickin’ Lamb. This is a recipe that contains quinoa which is known to be a super grain due to it being packed with all kinds of antioxidants. Therefore, it would be a good option for those who aren’t necessarily looking to get rid of grains from their dog’s diets but who might be looking to cut down on the poor quality grains.

  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

This is always something you like to see when you are trying a service out for the first time. PetPlate advertises a 100% money-back guarantee which is something that can provide you with the peace of mind you might need.

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5. Just Food For Dogs

just food for dogs meal with the ingredients used to prepare it

Just Food For Dogs is one of the oldest and best alternatives to The Farmer’s Dog. Just Food For Dogs offers 15 fresh whole food recipes for your dogs. There is a lot to like about Just Food For Dogs which arguably makes it one of the best alternatives.

Key Features and Benefits

  • One Year Long Feeding Trials

When you are buying food for your dog, you ideally want to get it from a service that is committed to providing the highest quality food. Just Food For Dogs doesn’t just “talk the talk.” They actually “walk the walk” and it shows with their one-year-long feeding trials. When they are formulating recipes, they are going through year trials to ensure their recipes are promoting optimal immune system health. The same cannot be said about any of the other dog food services.

  • Complete Transparency

When you are looking to purchase food for your dog, you’re going to want transparency. That’s exactly what you get with Just Food For Dogs. They make all of their kitchens open to the public. Meaning, you could stop by and watch the process firsthand. This should inspire some confidence that you are buying from a reputable company.

  • Cats and Dogs

With Just For Dogs, you can get food for your cat. They have a Just Cats brand. Therefore, you can get your cat’s human-edible ingredients without preservatives with your dog’s subscription if needed.

  • Custom Made Food For Your Dog or Cat

If your dog or cat has specific dietary needs, you can get custom food made for them. It only costs a one-0time formulation fee and it can be customized according to your dog or cat’s individual needs which factors in their medical records and more.


Overall, there are so many alternatives to The Farmer’s Dog that you shouldn’t have trouble finding one. While all of the services above have the benefits that make them viable options, our top-rated alternative to The Farmer’s Dog would have to be Ollie for several reasons. For one, they get all of their nutrients directly from a natural source. Also, while their packaging might be less Eco-efficient over the long run, it’s much easier to deal with as a dog owner. The positioning is much easier to control and the packaging is easier to open. Also, the fact they sell dog treats is a big deal for any dog owner. After all, your ordering your dog’s food from a delivery service for convenience first and foremost. Therefore, having to venture out and find healthy dog treats isn’t ideal. Being able to add them to your Ollie’s order makes it much easier.

Our Top Reasons To Choose Ollie

  • Delicious, healthy food your dog should love
  • Packaging is easier to deal with and it comes with perfectly sized scoops
  • Excellent feeding instructions
  • Healthy ingredients
  • You can get treats


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