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Safety is one of the most important considerations if you have a dog. If your beloved pet loves roaming off your property or away from you if you are away from your property, it can be a good idea to provide a safe space for them to stay within.

Fortunately, this is not only possible but also easy to do if you have an invisible or wireless dog fence, which is also known as a GPS dog fence. That way, your beloved pet will have plenty of space for playing in without endangering their own life or becoming a nuisance to the neighbors.

The SpotOn Virtual Fence, or the SpotOn Collar as it is popularly known is one of the best wireless dog fences currently available in the market. If you want to keep your dog safe, you should seriously consider investing in this virtual fence and below is a detailed look into the product to help you understand why it is a must-have product for dogs and their owners.

What is the SpotOn Collar?

a dog wearing the SpotOn

The SpotOn Collar or SpotOn Virtual Fence as it is also known is a wireless dog GPS tracking and containment system that allows you to take your beloved pets and virtual smart fence anywhere you choose to go.

The SpotOn collar allows you to program containment locations by simply walking a boundary with the device in hand. The entire system is a collar and companion smartphone application that links to 3 global navigation satellite systems and a variety of cellular networks.

How Does the Spot On Collar Work?

To activate your SpotOn Collar, you need to walk around the area where you would like the fence to be. If you want your dog to roam in your backyard only, walk around the backyard with the device turned on. The virtual fence is automatically programmed within the collar after your lap the perimeter. You can make a protected containment space of virtually any shape and size from ½ acre to 1,000 acres.

The SpotOn Collar utilizes 3 satellite systems (Galileo, GLONASS, GPS) to create a trusted containment location for your dog. The satellites are used by both the United States military and the FAA for navigation and are not the ones used to power satellite TV and radio.

Immediately you turn on the device, it will create an invisible barrier around the containment space. If your dog gets too close to the set boundary, the SpotOn collar lets out a quick beep that’s intended to discourage the dog from proceeding further. If they get closer still, a second louder beep goes off. The loud noise is often enough to scare off most dogs.

If your dog is not bothered by the noises, the collar will emit a painless static shock that will undoubtedly turn away the dog. Please note that the static shock is a completely optional feature. With a bit of extra training, it is possible to teach your dog to recognize the signals of the beeps, so that the static shock is not necessary.

If the dog unexpectedly breaches the containment space, the SpotOn system automatically tracks their location and gives updates every 6 seconds detailing where the dog is located, the distance away from you, and will even give you driving directions to where the dog is geographically located. If it is a quick sleep and the dog comes back immediately, he/she doesn’t get a correction for getting back.

Key Features of the SpotOn Dog Collar

  • Easy Installation

The installation process is perhaps one of the best aspects of the SpotOn Collar. All you need to do to set up your device is to walk a perimeter with it while it is turned on. You don’t need to dig up your property, install markers, or even waste time trying to mess around with hardwire. It is actually so easy to do that you can probably do it on your first try.

  • Simple Premise

The reliance on underground wires is an ancient idea that often never works as great as it should. The SpotOn Collar, on the other hand, uses virtual mapping to allow you to set up your own fences, which means that all the hardware is located in one place, which is on the dog. With this device, you don’t have to worry about having multiple set-ups for different dogs or even buying extra wires.

  • Long Battery Life

The SpotOn Collar is ideal for dogs that spend much of their time outdoors. The battery charge lasts for about 36 hours, which means that you can let your dog wander all day and charge up the collar at night. A longer-lasting battery means less collar failure and lower chances of your dog getting out of the containment zone.

  • Comfortable

All the protection in the world is actually not worth much if the dog doesn’t tolerate the system. The SpotOn Collar, however, is quite lightweight and designed with your dog in mind. Therefore, your dog will not only stop noticing the device quickly but also can still go around his/her day without being bothered.

  • Tracking Ability

The SpotOn Collar has an optional plan that lets you track your dog to within 10 feet if he/she ever breaches the perimeter. This is a great feature for those that keep the device on their beloved pets even when the fencing solution is not attached because it allows you to easily determine where your dog has gone.

  • Fully Wireless

The lack of wires makes the SpotOn collar a great fir for those that either don’t like the idea of digging up their yards or those unable to do so. The lack of wires is not just a set-up feature, but also a feature that will give you more peace of mind if your dog wanders after a storm or in situations likely to make a more traditional invisible fence fail.

  • Customizable Parameters

The ability to customize where your dog can roam is another cool feature of this collar. You can not only set up a fenced-in area that gives your furry friend a lot of space, but you can also set up multiple other areas that will let you have better control over where your dog goes. The SpotOn Collar is ideal for those looking for a product that helps you set up precise locations where the dog can and cannot go.

  • Made for Active Dogs

The SpotOn Collar is great for dogs that love to play. It doesn’t fall off easily and won’t break even if it gets a bit wet. Your beloved pet can run around, splash in the water, or even do for a swim without the need to take off the collar.

  • Great Warranty

The SpotOn collar is supported by a 45-day money-back guarantee thus giving you plenty of time to determine whether or not you actually like it. If you do, you will enjoy another 1 year of coverage that will let you send back the collar and get a replacement if you ever run into any other issues. This shows that the manufacturer cares about the users and their pets.

  • The Collar Itself

The collar is completely self-contained and all that you need is contained within: you don’t have any software, physical parts, or even extra wires to deal with. It is also completely rechargeable and contains sufficient power for a 24-hour charge.

Basic bumps and shocks aren’t an issue with this unit since it is made for actual, active dogs. If somebody finds your beloved pet before you do, the collar displays your phone number along with the dog’s name.

See more features at SpotOn website

App Overview

a look at setting fence points on the iPhone app

SpotOn comes with a companion iPhone app that can be quite helpful in times of crisis. If your dog unfortunately escapes the containment zone, or you lose your beloved pet in an area that isn’t one of your containment locations, the app can be of great help.

After a 60-day free trial, you can track your dog if he/she escapes a containment location for a small monthly fee. The app will send you a text message in case your beloved pet manages to break out of the set containment zone and will allow you to easily track his/her movements.

The companion SpotOn iPhone app offers several key benefits, such as:

  • Updates every 6 seconds that shows the dog’s exact location
  • Works across all cell signals or even without one
  • Acts as a GPS that leads straight to your furry friend

The SpotOn Dog Collar is completely self-contained unlike other apps that either require a cell signal to function or are slow to work and can be used irrespective of the situation. It connects to 3 different satellites thus giving you accurate and real-time information regarding the exact location of your dog.

Is It Easy to Set Up and Get Started?

It is simply impossible to overstate just how easy it is to use this device. If you know how to put on a regular collar on your dog as well as how to use a basic GPS-based phone app, you can rest assured that you have all you need to use the SpotOn Collar. While you don’t need anything else besides the collar to create the perimeter, you can use optional flags as visual markers for the fence boundary.

Unlike most invisible or virtual fences that are currently available, SpotOn uses a completely virtual system, which means that there’s no need to dig up the perimeter of your yard and install an underground wiring system. The collar itself is all you need to create the fence. All the necessary technology is contained within the device.

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Since there’s no installation needed, setting up the containment zone is as simple as registering your system, turning on the device, and walking with it around the outside of the containment zone. You can easily save virtual fences, and each device can have as many as 10 unique perimeters programed.

How Do You Set Up Your Virtual Fence?

The first step is to decide exactly where you would like the boundaries of the fence to be. Ensure that those boundaries are at least 15 feet away from unwanted terrains such as a neighbor’s yard or a road.

You are free to use the optional boundary flags to help you physically outline this area. The flags should make it easier when you start to set up your containment zone, but you can remove them afterwards.

To start creating the containment zone, you must first be holding the device in your hand with a clear view of the sky. Next, turn on the device and navigate the menu to “create a new map”. The collar will need to first establish a GPS signal that can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes.

Once the GPS signal is established, the collar will ask whether you prefer a custom map or a circle map. Next, walk to the start point for the containment zine, and click on the “custom” option to start creating your map.

From that point, all you have to do is walk your preferred boundary line yourself. Keep holding the collar up and in your hand to ensure the best GPS signal possible while you do this.

Finally, walk the entire length of the boundary until you return to the starting point. If you encounter any obstacle that’s impossible to physically pass, pause the GPS mapping function and resume on the other side of that obstacle.

Is the SpotOn GPS Dog Fence Effective?

The quick answer is Yes.

The SpotOn Dog Fence is a highly effective, highly customizable, and considerably more affordable than a regular fence. If you are looking to make sure that your furry friend stays on your property without getting lost, this device is an excellent investment. It has helped numerous other pet owners and can help you too.

What Happens When Your Dog “Breaks” the GPS Barrier?

The SpotOn Collar uses 2 correction methods to help prevent breaches of the barrier and train the dog:

The first method is purely audible. There are 2 warning areas within 10 feet of the designated boundary. The audible feedback becomes harsher as the dog proceeds into the warning areas. After proper training, the audible warnings should be enough to prevent him/her from leaving the containment zone.

Dogs, however, can be hardheaded at time. If h/she does leave the area, the collar can provide a mild static correction. You have the option to choose from multiple levels of static correction based on the age and size of your pet. The static correction should be sufficient to encourage your beloved pet to turn around and get back home.

Other collars apply a second static shock when the dog crosses the boundary to get back home. Obviously, this is not ideal for training purposes since it simply confuses the dog. Fortunately, the SpotOn Collar is designed such that it doesn’t provide a second static shock when the dog is crossing the barrier to get back home.

Is the SpotOn Collar Waterproof?


Dogs love playing in water and mud and this is something the SpotOn team considered when designing this collar. In fact, the collar was tested under extreme conditions to ensure maximum durability and it has earned an IP67 waterproof status.

What We Love About SpotOn Collar

  • Fences work on GPS meaning that poor cell coverage won’t affect your containment locations
  • It is the most accurate GPS fence solution that connects with 3 satellite navigation systems and can pinpoint the location of your dog to within 10 feet
  • It is very easy to adjust and allows you to really set up amazing play and exercise for your beloved pet no matter your location
  • You don’t need to dig up your yard to install underground wires or even check on physical boundaries
  • It works perfectly with dogs of different temperaments and sizes, which means that you never have to worry about its efficacy
  • It is well-engineered, even when it is compared to some of the best virtual fences currently available in the market
  • It provides great flexibility and allows for multiple fences in the same location, which means that you can fence just the back, just the front, or the whole yard.

Any Negatives?

  • If you plan to track your dog, you must have decent cell coverage and this makes it incredibly difficult to use if you live in an area with spotty coverage
  • It is quite expensive compared to other virtual fences.

Price: How Much Does SpotOn Cost?

The SpotOn Collar costs $1,495. However, you will need a personal system for each of the dogs in your household. Still, the price won’t increase depending on the size of your home. If you buy 2 or more devices at a time, you will receive an automated 15% discount rate.

Funding alternatives are also provided with month-to-month plans for 12-months, 18-months, or 24-months. Optional Connection expenses after a 60-day free trial are $6.95/month that lets you track your dog, get escape alerts, status updates, and manage your maps from your phone.

*Price current at the time of publication – see most up-to-date pricing at SpotOn website

Summary: You Should Buy the SpotOn if…

Your personal needs are the right match. Are you the kind of person that wants a highly accurate GPS fence so that you may feel safe allowing your beloved pet roam around? If so, are you a person that has no problem paying a premium to guarantee that kind of safety?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to either or both of these questions then you are definitely the kind of person that should consider buying this product. It was intended for people that really want their dogs to roam, but live in a place where building a physical fence is a realistic possibility.

The SpotOn Collar is an excellent investment for any dog owner even those that have physical fences. The fact that it uses 3 satellites and inertial tracking sensors make this device one of the most accurate location trackers currently available.

It is a great training tool and offers far more customizable features than any of the competitors. If you are looking for the best GPS collar for your dog, then you cannot go wrong by choosing the SpotOn GPS fence.

To sum up all the reasons why you should consider buying this product:

  • It uses 3 satellites to ensure precise tracking of your dog
  • It is easy to use and set up the virtual fence
  • It is backed by a great warranty
  • You have a virtual fence everywhere you go
  • The companion app is easy to use and offers great value