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As a dog owner, you’re likely willing to invest time and money into ensuring your furry friend is kept safe at all times. Finding ways to keep your dog safe in your backyard is likely a high priority for any homeowner. While an Invisible Fence might sound like the ideal solution, there are many better alternatives available. While they do come with a lot of useful features, there are a couple of things that should sway to towards looking for other options.

For one, they aren’t good in climates that have a lot of extreme temperatures and weather. If your home is located in an area with extremely cold or hot temperatures, it could malfunction. Also, they have the potential to be cut and manipulated by anyone who enters your yard. Most of all, they are inherently expensive and difficult to install. The Invisible Fence is a big investment to make and with so many drawbacks, it’s worth considering alternative options.

Luckily, there are plenty of different alternatives you can consider.

By the end of this article, you should have a lot of more feature-rich and even more affordable options that you should be considering to keep your dog safely contained.

Top 5 Alternatives to the Invisible Fence

1. SpotOn

SpotOn is our top choice

SpotOn is touted as a ‘next generation’ virtual fence. Once you look at the features it comes equipped with, it’s easy to say this is no exaggeration. You could say they are “Spot On” with their marketing material. There is a lot to like about SpotOn’s virtual fencing solution.

Key Features

  • Custom Perimeters

Like some of the better Invisible Fence alternatives, SpotOn comes with the ability to set custom perimeters. With SpotOn, you’re able to create and save up to 10 different virtual smart fences no matter the shape or size. This means you’re able to use it in a lot more situations than you would a fixed virtual fence. You can continue to add or remove fences as needed. The ability to customize your fencing solution at the touch of a few buttons is incredibly valuable for any dog owner that wants flexibility.

  • Holds Up in All Weather Conditions

The SpotOn Collar is rated at IP67. Therefore, it is fully capable of being used in and holding up in both mud and rain. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the fencing solution malfunctioning or getting damaged by allowing your dog to have fun in the rain.

  • Works On Any Terrain

Not only does SpotOn give you the ability to set custom perimeters, but it works on virtually any terrain you can find. Some solutions might struggle on hills or other uneven terrains. Whereas, this one doesn’t. It offers containment on any terrain no matter how uneven. This makes it a much more viable option for those who don’t live on flat land or who aren’t always using the invisible fencing solution on optimally flat terrain.

  • Automatic Tracking

With SpotOn, you have the ability to pay for a subscription service that gives you automatic tracking. This is something that a lot of dog owners would gladly pay for. With automatic tracking, you are able to get updates as little as every 6 seconds. This means you’ll be able to stay updated on where your dog is at all times when you need to. When you purchase the SpotOn system, you get the first year of automatic tracking included for free.

2. Halo Collar

Halo Collar is comes in at number 2

The Halo Collar (read review) is one of the best alternatives to the Invisible Fence. While it’s certainly not the cheapest alternative, it is one of the most feature-packed. The Halo Collar does a lot of things differently that solve some of the biggest flaws associated with a fixed Invisible Fence system.

Key Features

  • Smart Fences

This is one of the things any dog owner would absolutely love about the system. With an Invisible Fence, you’re pretty much stuck with your initial installation. This is something that doesn’t appeal to a lot of homeowners because it doesn’t offer the flexibility a lot of them are looking for when buying something to keep their dogs safe. With the Halo Collar, you don’t have this same drawback. You have a smart fencing system that is built into the product. This alone makes it worth making the switch because the smart fencing system delivers more flexibility than ever before. With the help of an easy-to-use app, you get to set the specific perimeters of your fence with the touch of a button. This means you can alter it whenever you want. With accurate GPS packed into the Halo Collar, you can allow your dog(s) to walk around without having to worry about anything.

  • Portability

As mentioned previously, one of the drawbacks associated with the Invisible Fence is the lack of portability. Because the system features a fixed installation, you don’t have a lot of freedom when you are using it. With the Halo Collar, you don’t have this problem, at all. In fact, the system is designed to be used on the go. Because the fences are integrated with GPS, there is no installation to worry about. This means you can use it when you take your dog to a friend’s house, when you go to the dog park, or virtually anywhere else. Best of all, it’s easy to use while on the go. This makes it easier than ever to keep your dog safe no matter where you go. Whether you are hiking and you want to keep your dog from venturing into the water or anywhere else.

  • No Setup

When you are dealing with an Invisible Fence, you have a complex installation to worry about. This is why you need to schedule a consultation with professional installers. The entire system is too complex and too demanding for those to handle on their own. That’s the exact opposite of the Halo Collar system. When you buy the Halo Collar, you get something that is incredibly easy to install. In fact, there is no installation to worry about. This makes it the ideal option for dog owners that don’t want to have to worry about installing a fencing solution to keep their dogs safe.

  • Much More Than Just a Smart Dog Collar

The Halo Collar is much more than the standard e-collar you’ll find in the marketplace. Not only will this collar effectively contain your dog wherever you want, but it will track your dog’s activity. It can show you how much activity your dog is getting and I can even help you train your dog. Cesar Millan was involved with the design of the Halo Collar which means you can expect to get some of the most effective training benefits from this collar using real-world dog psychology.

3. PetSafe Stay and Play Compact Wireless Fence For Dogs

PetSafe is number 3

This is a good option for those who are looking for a much more affordable solution. If you aren’t necessarily looking to spend hundreds or close to thousands of dollars on the fencing solution for your dog, you’re going to want to consider PetSafe Stay and Play. There is a lot to like about this fencing solution for dog owners who find themselves on a budget.

Key Features

  • No Complex Installation

Unlike the Invisible Fence, this fencing solution is much easier to install and use. You don’t have to worry about digging around in your yard trying to bury wires. Nor do you have to worry about the hassle and unappealing solution associated with building a fence. With this affordable solution, you can get the fencing solution you need without a complex installation. You simply set it up in as little as one to two hours and start using it. It offers a good ¾ acre of circular coverage which should be sufficient for many homeowners’ needs.

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  • Portability

While this fencing solution might be affordable, it doesn’t lack portability. With this fencing solution, you can get the portability that you need. Because it doesn’t require you to bury any wires, it’s much easier to pick up and travel with than some of the other options. The system itself is relatively compact which means you’ll be able to use it when you go camping or whenever you need to take the system with you on the road.

  • Purchase Additional Collars

With this system, you’ll be able to contain multiple dogs. You can purchase additional collars to ensure you are able to contain all of the dogs you have. This can make it a viable solution for those with multiple pets. Having the ability to contain multiple pets with an affordable fencing solution like this is a big benefit because you don’t need to worry about purchasing expensive systems for each pet.

4. eXtreme Dog Fence MAX Grade Ultimate Performance System

xTreme Dog fence is pick 4

This is another good option that you might be considering as a practical alternative to the Invisible Fence. This system is built for those who want and need the ability to customize the coverage they get. With this system, you have a lot of customization options you can go with. While you have to pay for more coverage, the ability to add more coverage is good to have. Best of all, the installation process is incredibly simple. This is a viable option for anyone seeking a DIY alternative. You get everything you need with the system to begin using it to contain your dog.

Key Features

  • Durability

One of the key selling points of this system is its durability. Extreme Dog Fence is touted as being so durable and strong that you don’t have to worry about burying it if you don’t necessarily want to. This is something that can prove to be very useful for anyone who is looking to have a fencing system that they can count on lasting a long time. In fact, they claim that their system should be capable of lasting as long as 25 or more years whether it’s buried or not.

  • DIY Installation

This gives you a lot of the same features and benefits that you get from the standard Invisible Fence without a complex installation. As mentioned, you can either bury it or allow it to stay above ground. This can make it much easier for the Do-It-Yourself enthusiast to tackle on their own. With this system, you’ll be in control as to whether or not you want to have an above or below-ground installation. The fact that this system can be successfully installed by yourself can make it much more affordable for someone who isn’t looking to spend too much on a professional installation.

  • Customization

This is a solution that offers consumers a lot of freedom by which to handle the installation. As mentioned, there is a lot of customization you can get during the initial buying process. The ability to customize the system allows you to tailor it to your respective needs. As a homeowner, this can be advantageous because you can order exactly what you need. Thus, you won’t end up spending money on extra components that you wouldn’t be able to use. This can make it much easier to get the optimal fencing solution for your respective property. A lot of the other options available in the marketplace are going to come with standardized components. Thus, you will likely end up spending more on the wire you might not necessarily ever use.

5. Free Spirit In-Ground Fence

Our fifth and final pick

This is a good alternative for the pet owner who is looking for a viable and affordable in-ground alternative to the Invisible Fence. The Free Spirit In-Ground fence is certainly an affordable alternative. You’ll be able to find this fencing solution for under $150. This can make it a good value-packed offering as long as it’s capable of offering you everything you want and need.

Key Features

  • In-Ground

This is an in-ground fencing solution. While it’s not going to be a benefit for everyone, it can be a good feature and benefit for those who are specifically looking at in-ground solutions. It comes included with enough wire and markers to contain as much as 1/3 of an acre.

  • Waterproof

The included collar is waterproof. Therefore, you will find that it can withstand all of the outdoor elements that your dog might be exposed to.

  • Multiple Collars

This system can be synced with numerous collars which can help if you have multiple pets that you want to keep contained and safe.

  • Easy Installation

This system comes with everything you would need for a flawless installation. It includes 500 feet of boundary wire, 20 boundary markers, and all of the mounting equipment you need for a proper install.

Why Might You Need An Alternative To The Invisible Fence

  • Pricing

One of the main reasons a lot of people will want to consider their options has to do with the high price associated with the Invisible Fence. You need to schedule a consultation and get a quote based on your setup. With other options, you’ll pay a fixed price. Generally, you’ll find alternative options to be much more affordable and easy to swallow than the price of an Invisible Fence.

  • Fixed Placement

Another issue with the Invisible Fence that you don’t have to deal with when you choose alternatives is having something that is in a fixed location. After all, you’ll be investing in the fencing solution to be installed for your home. Thus, if you ever wanted to get the benefits you would get from the fence installation elsewhere, you’ll need to buy something else. Having a fencing solution that can keep your dog safe anywhere they go is much preferred given the products are readily available in the marketplace.

  • Weather Concerns

If you are located in an area that gets extreme temperatures, you’ll want something that is much more reliable than an Invisible Fence. Unfortunately, your fence can start to malfunction in certain climates. Also, you need to factor in whether or not your home has access to power. While you could always get the optional battery backup offered by Invisible Fence, you’ll end up paying more for that feature. With other alternatives, you can get the same battery convenience and assurance without having to pay for an additional product.

Summary: Tips for Picking the Right Option for You

As you can see, there are plenty of different Invisible Fence alternatives that you might want to look at when buying one. The key to finding the optimal alternative comes down to figuring out what you need out of the system. You must consider what you want and what you need. Each of the alternatives you’ll find above has its own pros and cons. If you want the most feature-packed system, you’ll need to pay more for it. For those who are willing and able to pay for the best, the Halo Collar is the ideal solution. There are a few reasons the Halo Collar stands out as the best alternative for most dog owners.

Reasons The Halo is Our Top-Rated Invisible Fence Alternative:

  • Up To 20 Virtual Fences

With the Halo Collar, you have the ability to set up 20 different virtual fences. This is something that cannot be ignored. With some of the other solutions, you are increasingly limited. With up to 20 fences, you won’t have to continue to set up and take down fences as you take your dog to new places. This can save you a lot of time and energy.

  • Includes Cesar Millan’s Dog Training

This collar was designed in collaboration with Cesar Millan. This alone should give you the confidence you need to know that you are getting the best possible training mechanism in the marketplace. With Cesar being such a trusted and reputable name in dog training, there is no better association you can find.

  • Portability

With the Halo Collar, you are getting one of the most portable fencing solutions for your dog(s). This can make it extremely valuable if you are someone who ventures out with your dog. That way, you have a system in place that can keep your dog(s) safe and out of trouble whenever you need it.