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As a pet owner, you’re likely as concerned about your dog’s health and safety as you are a family member. The unfortunate truth is, every year nearly 10 million pets are lost in the United States alone [1]. What’s even worse, only 15 percent of dogs without ID tags or microchips ever get reunited with their owners [1]. This is a staggering number considering all of the technological advancements that have come into the industry in recent times.

What’s even more, a whopping 55.8 percent of all dogs are classified as overweight [2]. A few companies have set out to give dog owners the peace of mind they need by introducing smart technology into collars. The results have been impressive, to say the least. If you find yourself in the market for a product that is sky-rocketing in demand, you aren’t alone.

However, with companies racing to provide the best product, it can be difficult to pick one. Two of these smart collars are fi and Halo, but which one is going to be your best fit?

By the end of this article comparing Halo and fi, you should be able to pinpoint which smart collar is right to help you tackle the problem of keeping your dog safe and healthy.

Features Compare: What Fi and Halo Offer Your Pups

1. Fi: Notable Features and Benefits

our overview of the fi collar

  • GPS Tracking

This is one of the things every dog owner is going to want to prioritize when choosing a smart collar. After all, your mission is to know where your dog is at all times and to be able to locate them if they get lost. The Fi collar uses three constellations of satellites to improve the speed and accuracy of the GPS locator.

Thus, it is capable of performing well nearly everywhere your dog goes. The makers claim it can be as accurate as providing a 7-foot radius in open skies.

  • Battery Life

The battery life is something that should be an important feature for those buying a smart collar because you don’t want the collar to die repeatedly when you need it the most. The Fi collar offers some of the best battery life you’ll find in any smart device. Fi advertises that they were able to achieve such optimal battery life through using low-powered communication LTE-M networks.

This technology is said to reduce battery consumption because it reaches 30 percent further than traditional mobile networks [3].

When it’s not using LTE-M, it is said to use little to no battery consumption because Fi integrated smart power management into the hardware. The collar is ‘smart’ enough to dynamically connect to local WiFi points or Bluetooth beacons to maximize its battery life.

  • Escape Detection

The key to finding your dog once your dog gets lost like anything is the speed you can detect they are missing in the first place. After all, they won’t get as far if you are notified instantly. The Fi collar is said to use proprietary technology and algorithms to detect when your dog escapes from your backyard. That way, you can get an instant notification that can help you get a head start on finding your furry friend.

  • Activity Tracking

The Fi Collar is not only a good collar for detecting if your dog gets lost, but also to keep your dog in peak physical shape. It has a built-in activity tracker that can count your dog’s steps, customize step goals, compete with other dogs, and even see where your dog went on walks. This can be very useful if you have a dog walker who regularly walks your dog. This will give you precise information on what happened during the walk and how much activity your dog got.

  • LED Light

The Fi collar has a built-in LED light that has the capability of displaying any color. This can make it much easier to see your dog in poorly lit situations.

This can be a good feature to use when walking your dog at night or when you let your dog out in your backyard in low-light conditions.

That way, you can easily spot them or a driver can see your dog.

2. Halo Collar Notable Features and Benefits

the MyPoof overview of Halo Collar

  • Smart Fences

The Halo collar has a lot to like as a pet owner. One of the major features that make the collar stand out in the marketplace is the smart fence feature. This is a feature that allows you (the dog owner) to instantly create your smart dog fences that leverage Halo’s built-in GPS.

This gives you the potential to fence your dog into a specific area in any situation. You could be at the park and fence your dog in from an area under construction or even keep them from reaching the water.

The integration of smart fencing technology makes the Halo collar a gamechanger.

  • Expert Training

Another great thing about the Halo collar is the integration of Cesar Millian’s dog training. The Halo Collar was designed in cooperation with Cesar Millan, a renowned dog behaviorist. Therefore, you are not only getting the other ‘smart’ features that come with the collar, but also expert-level dog training with custom feedback built right into the collar.

  • Activity Tracking

As mentioned, one of the biggest issues with pets is the fact they are so unhealthy. We’ve managed to bring the obesity epidemic to our furry friends. This is due to our pets not getting enough exercise daily and because of what we are feeding them. The folks at Halo recognized this and integrated a smart activity tracker into their smart collar.

The Halo Collar provides daily metrics for safety, walks, activity, and feedback logs. This makes managing your dog’s exercise a breeze. You’ll know how much exercise he or she is getting and whether or not you need to ramp up his or her activity levels for optimal health.

The collar provides the same activity feedback you can get from a fitness wearable device.

App and Design Compare

1. Fi Collar

  • Built For The Outdoors

As with any collar, it needs to be built to withstand the elements of the outdoors. This smart collar has an IP68 waterproof rating. Therefore, it can withstand being submerged into the water at 1.5 meters deep and it also can resist saltwater exposure.

Therefore, you don’t have to have a panic attack if your dog enjoys jumping into the water and doggy paddling.

Along with being waterproof, it is made out of armored aluminum faceplate and reinforced internal metal armor for bite resistance and more.

  • LED Light

As mentioned, the collar has a prominent LED light that can make your dog more visible in low light conditions.

  • Easy Activity Tracking on The App

You can do everything from customizing your dog’s fitness goals to checking where your dog ranks among other dogs in their breed. This can keep you as informed as possible on your dog’s activity levels and help you design fitness activities to keep your dog in optimal shape.

2. Halo Collar

  • One Size Fits All

This collar offers a flexible and comfortable fit. It’s a one-size-fits-all collar for dogs with necks over 11 inches and up.

  • Built For The Outdoors

The Halo Collar features an Ip67 rating. This means it is capable of withstanding exposure to water which can be a major advantage if your dog enjoys swimming.

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  • LED Logo

You’ll find there is a color-coded LED that matches the color you set within your dog’s profile. This can be helpful if you have more than one dog.

  • Save 20 Different Fences At a Time

Within the Halo app, you can configure and save as many as 20 different fences at a time. The app makes it as easy as dragging your finger to detail the specifications of the fence with complete accuracy.

  • Track Activity In The App

With the Halo Collar app, you’ll be able to easily track progress. You can monitor your dog’s activity levels and give you all of the pertinent details you would want to know.

You’ll get the number of walks your dog had per day, the total time spent active, and logs of your dog’s location throughout the day.

  • Prevention Tracking

This is where Halo Collar can offer excellent peace of mind to dog owners. The collar will use Artificial Intelligence to prevent emergencies before them even happening. It will track prevention feedback warnings including emergency prompts, boundary issues, and a lot of other things. This can help you identify smaller issues before they result in larger problems or even emergencies.

  • Training

The app includes help with training for both indoor and outdoor activities. This can be a major help considering Cesar Millan helped design all of the training methods in the app.

Price Compare: Which Collar is Cheaper?

  • Fi Collar = $149
  • Halo Collar = $799

Summary: Final Tips for Picking the Best Collar for Your Dog

Overall, both of these collars offer a lot of value for the money. The Halo Collar is a much more feature-rich collar that is meant to be an invisible fence substitute and it even helps with training. Because of this, it is much more expensive. For the right dog owner, it could be the right choice. However, if you aren’t necessarily looking for fence technology built into your dog’s smart collar, you wouldn’t want to pay the added cost for a feature you won’t be using often.

You Should Pick Fi If…

  • You want an affordable smart collar
  • You want an affordable Geofencing collar
  • You want the collar with the best battery life
  • You have more than one dog

You Should Pick Halo Collar If…

  • You want an invisible fence alternative along with a smart collar
  • You want the best smart collar in the marketplace no matter the price
  • You’re constantly going to places where you’ll use the smart fencing technology
  • You want a smart collar that helps with training


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