Are you thinking of going on a cat-friendly vacation but sad that you can’t find a place that accepts cats? Here’s some good news! Your furry friend can come along with you on vacation -being nothing but that wonderful and snuggly friend they are- as there are now a lot of places that are pet-friendly.

Before we share some of these places, we want to bring to your attention that not every cat can travel. Cats, in general, do not enjoy change. Unless you are going away for an extended period of time or you are moving to another city, it is recommended that you find a pet-sitter to take care of your cat when you travel. This is because your cat can develop stress from travel. The best thing to do is talk to your vet before taking your cat on a vacation. If your vet says it’s okay, then your cat will have a great time in one of the places listed below:



Traveling within the United States with your cat? The Kimpton Hotels in one of the best places to stay in. With more than sixty boutique hotels in the US alone, this lovely and plush hotel provides owners and cats with the best hotel experience one can think of. Your cat will be specially treated, allowed to sit on a plush bed in your room, and also provided with cat scratchers. This hotel hosts a complimentary wine reception for its customers, your cat can come too. Think that’s all, think again as, after the party, your cat can enjoy a nice, cozy, in-room pet massage.


Your cat can enjoy a unique Asian experience by having a cat-friendly vacation on a small Japanese island locally known as Tashirojima, but widely known as Cat Island. This island got its name due to a large number of stray cats in the area. According to local belief, these cats are all about wealth and good fortune so they are left alone to enjoy the heat of the day, the cool of the night, and nice treats from local fishermen. And to make everything better, not a single dog is allowed in the area.


Looking for a more relaxed place where your cat can have fun and make new friends? The Best Little Cat House in California is the perfect place to have a cat-friendly vacation. If you’re vacationing in the Los Angeles, Burbank, or Pasadena area, you don’t have to worry about where your cat will stay; this wonderful place is purrfect for your cat. The Best Little Cat House can be likened to a chain of cat hotels where your furry friend can experience luxury, freedom, and playfulness in cage-free rooms with different spectacular themes such as Africa, English Gardens, and Tuscany.

These are just some of the places where you can enjoy spending your vacation with your cat. Remember to ask for professional advice concerning your cat’s ability to travel, and also, do not forget to bring your Poof Pet Activity Tracker with you on your vacation. This will help you monitor the sleep and resting levels of your cat, track its calories, and monitor every activity your cat goes through during your cat-friendly vacation.

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