Taking your dog to a dog park is a really great way to help your dog exercise, bond, and play with other dogs. But before you can do this, you need to ensure that you are conversant with dog park etiquettes. This involves knowing how your dog behaves, the kind of toys to bring to the park, the reaction of your dog when connecting or in the same environment with other people and dogs.

You need to ensure that your dog has all the necessary skills to make the dog park experience a great one. One of the most important dog park etiquettes is being able to call your dog to you and have him answer on the first call. This way, you’ll feel and be in control of your visit to the dog park. Let’s take a look at some other dog park etiquettes you need to keep in mind so you and your dog can have a very great time at the dog park.


If your dog is small, ensure the park you are going to has a small dog section, or they have playtimes specifically for small dogs. Little dogs can be easily overwhelmed and bowled over by larger dogs. Also, ensure your small dog remains on the ground instead of toting him with you all around the park. When a dog is carried or elevated, he usually feels like he’s in control due to the elevated position and the closeness to his owner. Also, carrying your dog can cause other dogs to jump at the both of you in order to get a better, closer sniff.


This is a very important dog park etiquette that a lot of people need to put into practice. A visit to the dog park needs to be fluid. Whether you are ready to leave or not, if your dog is clearly not enjoying the experience, or some other dogs are starting to get out of control, leave. You need to remain vigilant. Don’t get distracted by your human companions; take note of signs of fear, tiredness, and insecurity your dog may be giving off. Monitor your dog well. It is your responsibility to ensure that the park remains safe and your dog enjoys his time at the park. So if it seems like your dog is not having fun, don’t hesitate to go.


You don’t have to leash your dog to be close to him. That is why another important dog park etiquette is having a mental connection with your dog. Ensure that you call on your dog from time to time. When he comes over, you can just give him a scratch or play a quick game, then send him back to play. This connection provides you with the ability to be able to control your dog at all times. So just in case anything happens, you’ll be the one calling the shots.


Treats and toys are fun ways to keep your dog active, but in a dog park but they can cause your pet to engage in stealing or guarding, which will, in turn, lead to fights and aggression. Therefore, ensure that you save treats and toys for later.


Make sure your pet has his Poof on at the dog park. Poof can track all your dog’s activity and calories burned. And once your pet is tired and ready to snooze, Poof can track his sleep too.


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