Most of us think about our own summer bodies when the weather starts to warm up, but what about our pets? While Spot and Mr. Whiskers don’t necessarily worry about being “bathing suit ready”, their weight can indicate overall health. Obesity in pets can cause unnecessary health problems and stress on their joints. No matter their size, all pets need regular activity to stay fit.

It’s estimated that more than half of dogs are overweight or obese. Pet diet and activity are crucial to maintaining a healthy weight in your dog or cat. So how do we make sure that our pups and kitties stay slim, trim, and healthy all year long?

·       Stick to scheduled feeding times, and measure the food. Free feeding, where your pet can eat whenever she likes, can encourage overeating. Keep treats to just that: a treat. Table scraps, training morsels, and pet cookies can add up to an unhealthy caloric surplus in your pet’s diet.

·       Use a pet activity tracker like Poof to seamlessly monitor hours of activity and rest; set play, exercise, and rest goals; and view calories burned. The Poof app also allows you to choose your pet’s food and recommends a serving size, so you can keep an eye on calorie intake. With Poof, there’s no more guesswork!

·       Ask your vet if your furry family member needs to be put on a pet diet. Increase walks, fetch or play with toys to get your pet to his activity goal. Then let him sleep! Good quality rest is just as important as play.

·       Make exercise a priority, and keep up the habit! Use the Poof app to meet daily goals and see your pet’s best streak. Remember to increase activity gradually to avoid injury.


With these tips, you can make sure your pet has her healthiest and happiest summer yet!



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