By Brandi Lawson

Halloween is a super fun holiday for humans and pets alike! Lots of treats, lots of walking, and fun costumes (ok, maybe this part is more fun for you than them, but still…). Before you head out to go trick-or-treating, look through these safety tips so you can make sure your Halloween is a purr-fectly pawsome good time!

Hide the candy, make them their own treats!

Of course, most pet owners know that Halloween candy is detrimental to pet health, especially chocolate. However, on this candy-centric holiday, take an extra few minutes to make sure no stray sweets have fallen out of a bag and into the reach of your pets. If you feel bad watching your pets miss out on all the yummy snacks, you can make them some treats with just a few ingredients. You can even carry these around with you as you walk through your neighborhood and share them with other pet parents.

Take 3 jars baby food meat or veggies and 1.5 cups of cream of wheat and mix them together well. For cats, you can even mix in a bit of tuna water from a can. Drop the mixture onto wax paper in small drops (we recommend dime sized drops, so that you can give them more of them without overfeeding). Microwave the treats for 5-8 minutes and then store them in the fridge or a few hours until they’re completely cool.

Be picky about costumes

Pet costumes are hilarious and adorable. Well, at least we think so. Some pets don’t mind sporting a witch hat, or parading around as a furry, four-legged Halloween pumpkin, but not all of them are that fond of dressing up. Keep in mind that if your pet is struggling against you a lot as you try to help them into a costume, it’s not a good idea to force the issue. This can cause them a lot of stress, and make them uncomfortable all night. If they are okay with the ensemble, make sure it doesn’t restrict their movement in any way, and remove any easily detachable pieces that they might chew off and choke on.

Trick-or-treat safely

When it’s time to go out, make sure you follow our Walking At Night tips if you’re bringing your pet along with you. Keep to well-lit routes, and consider fitting their collar with a reflective or even light up mechanism so that they can be easily spotted. Also make sure they have their Poof Pet Tracker and identifying dog tags so that if they stray, it’ll be easy for someone to return them to you right away.

Happy Paw-loween!

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