Is your cat getting enough exercise? Would you like to keep your cat fit and have the opportunity to bond with him while doing so? A lot of people don’t know that it’s beneficial to exercise their cat. While it’s true that cats have a high metabolism advantage that works even when they are lounging, it is important that they engage in some physical activity so as to significantly reduce the risk of being obese and having a sedentary, slothful lifestyle.

Engaging your pet in cat exercise will provide him with the ability to maintain a good weight, strong and toned muscles, an alert and active mind, and an overall healthy body. Cat exercises will also provide you with the ability to engage and bond with your pet, and to make it better, they are various indoor cat exercises you can arrange for your pet that won’t cost you too much money, time, or effort. Let’s take a look at some fun indoor cat exercises.


This game is one of the easiest forms of cat exercise you can engage your pet in. All you have to do is take your cat’s favorite toy, tie it to the end of a string, and toss it across the room or down a hall. Then you slowly pull it back to you as your cat hunts his favorite toy. You can also attach the string to a pole or a stick and make it dangle in front of your pet; doing this will allow them to swat or jump at it.


That’s right, dogs aren’t the only ones who enjoy fetch; your cat can too. Fetch for cats is an exercise that will provide your pet with the ability to burn more calories as he gets his food. The fetch for cat game is really easy. Throw your cat’s favorite treat or food down the hall and watch him run after it. Doing this continuously serves as good exercise. Keep it up until one of you is too tired to keep playing.


Most cats are box lovers. We don’t know what it is but a lot of cats have a soft spot for boxes and if your cat happens to be one of them, then this cat exercise is for you. All you have to do is look for some extra boxes to create a box fort for your cat. If you feel your cat will go in and laze around or simply go in for a nap instead of checking out what you have created, you can lace the fort with treats, catnips or toys that will make your cat enthusiastic about running around the fort.


The Poof Pet Activity Tracker is one sure way of knowing how well your cat is doing. This lightweight tracker will help you monitor your cat’s activity so you know if your cat is getting enough exercise. You can set exercise goals for your cat and share your achievement with other Poof Pet lovers. An exercised cat is a happy cat.

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