Having a visitor on Labor Day, or visitors in general, can be very challenging for your pets, especially if you have pets that are either new or very energetic. But with the right training, your pets can behave well around your guests, making their visit more enjoyable.

Most pets, cats especially, love having their own space and routine, and they usually don’t appreciate the arrival of a stranger disrupting that routine. They will want to mark their territory, get their normal human time, and generally want nothing to disturb the peaceful, normal existence they’re used to. Therefore, you will need adequate planning before bringing in Labor Day guests into your home. Let’s take a look at some ways in which you can prep your pets for Labor Day visitors.


Jumping – This is one of the biggest hurdles pet owners are faced with when a guest is around. You may want to ensure your dog remains calm and doesn’t jump when guest enter or when the doorbell rings. If your dog starts barking or jumping, tell your guests to ignore your pet. Make sure they don’t try to pet or push your pet off; they should avoid making eye contact with and learn to turn their backs on your dog when it’s jumping. Once your dog sees that the act it’s putting up will get him no attention, he will stop.

Don’t scold your dog, as scolding is another way of giving your dog attention. If your dog won’t calm down, take your dog to a room and provide him with toys, water, and food so he can calm down safely without getting anyone injured.

Begging – Your dog might start begging when you are serving food to your Labor Day guests. Use the same formula you used in jumping for this one too. Once your dog comes to terms with the fact that he won’t get what he wants, he will stop and walk away. Ensure that your guests do not feed him with treats when your dog starts doing this.

This is because if your dog starts begging and jumping, and you instantly provide him with treats, he will quickly translate jumping and begging to treat time. So ensure that it’s only when he’s calmed down and walks away that you provide him with treats and praises.


Safety First – If you own cats that are always indoors, ensure that your windows and doors are always well secured, especially when you’re leaving home. This is because the presence of your Labor Day guests might easily spook your cat. There are some cats that don’t like it when doors are closed, so ensure that you inform your visitors about what your preferences are.

The Routine – Ensure that your pet’s routine remain as normal as possible. Don’t disturb their feeding time; ensure that it goes peacefully and uninterrupted. If your cat is a shy one, provide her with a safe room where she can run to without being disturbed. Do not forcefully make your cat interact with visitors. Also ensure that you create the time to play with your cat even if it’s just a few minutes in a day.


Use the Poof activity tracker on your pets when your Labor Day guests are around. Poof allows you to track the activity levels of your pet, thereby giving you the ability to know if something’s off. Using this device will help you and your pet become wonderful hosts to your Labor Day guests.


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