Poof Pet Feature: Maxi, the Boxer Dog

It’s Adopt a Shelter Pet Day so we wanted to share the happy-ending story of Poof Pet, Maxi, from her bark-spective:
It was a warm sunny day when I came into this world along side my 5 brothers and sisters. I spent 8 fun filled weeks with my mom and siblings before I moved into a local shelter (dedicated to finding pets like me a new forever home).

It wasn’t long before my dream came true and my new family took me home with them. We snuggled all the way home.

I can’t imagine life without my family; they are the best! As a Boxer, I’m expected to be friendly, smart, and lively. Sometimes I can also be stubborn. I’ve been known to use my expressive eyes to try and weasel my way out of trouble. Thankfully, with the help of my patient and loving family, I’ve learned discipline only makes me better! Turns out I can also learn new tricks quickly. Doing tricks gets me treats so I’m one happy pup!

Here are just a few important lessons I’ve picked up:

*Pet exercise reaps great rewards. A little sweat never hurt anybody and it keeps one fit and healthy.

*Play nice. Being kind is pawsome!

*Rest is important. Let sleeping dogs lie.

*Every dog has its day. Don’t get upset if it’s not your time to shine.

*Share everything, always or you’ll end up in the doghouse.

*Don’t bite the hand that feeds you just be grateful you were served.

*Be pawsitive. Life’s too short for negativity!

My family has a great big backyard. They’re super fun and love my energetic, silly, on the go personality! We use the Poof Pet activity tracker to make sure my paws keep moving! It’s a great way to track my health and the Poof app encourages my parents to keep up with an active lifestyle so I get my pet exercise. It tracks all of my daily activities – like exercise, calories, and even sleep!  It even gives me a ranking score based on how active I am compared to other Poof pets. I also love seeing what my friends are up in the Poof newsfeed. I hope to see you there too!