by Brandi Lawson

It’s holiday season, the busiest travel time of the year. So before you head out to see your friends and family, make sure your best friend is prepared for the trip with these pet travel tips.

Traveling by Airplane

Many people have anxiety about flying with pets. It might seem difficult leaving your furbaby in a different section of the plane and letting others handle him going in and our of the flights. The most important thing to remember is to remain calm. Your pet looks to you for guidance, so if you’re calm, he will be calm too. Make sure you pack him in his crate prior to boarding the flight. Letting him settle in is vital. Pack it with water and a few of his favorite toys, or the blanket that he always sleeps with. Try to book a direct flight if possible, again to allow them to settle in. If you want to do something extra to help them calm down, you can rub some lavender oil into their skin for a little aromatherapy.

Traveling by Car

As with plane travel, it’s best to crate your pet before you go. This is the safest way for them to travel in case of a crash. It also helps to prevent accidents, as she is less likely to distract you while you drive. On road trips, the key is to take breaks. Every few hours, take her out of the car and play with her or walk around to get out some of that pent-up energy. If you can tire her out, that’s even better because she can get some rest in the car afterward. Don’t feed your pet while the car is in motion, this can cause her to become nauseous. Instead, try getting her some high protein treats that you can give her while you’re on one of her breaks. Make sure she has water and she’ll be just fine.

The last tip we have is to take as many pet-on-the-road pictures as possible and post them to the NewsFeed of the Poof App! We love seeing their adorable faces and following along with your trips around the globe! Safe travels, everyone!


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