Memorial Day weekend is great for so many reasons: it’s the unofficial start of summer barbecues, camping adventures, and, best of all, sleeping in on a Monday. For many of us, we’ll be celebrating Memorial Day with our pets. Pet safety is an important factor to consider before beginning the festivities. With these tips and tricks, our furry family members can enjoy the long weekend as much as we do!


*Exercise your pup before partying. If you plan on having guests over, make sure your dog has gone for a nice long walk or play a vigorous game of fetch. This will ensure Fido is calm and happy when the celebration begins.

*Make sure your pet’s identification tag is current and legible. In case fireworks, loud music, or travel results in an escaped pet, up-to-date ID tags can help him find his way back to you.

*Create a shaded oasis. Memorial Day often means hot, sunny weather. While this is perfect for grilling, it can be dangerous for your four-legged friends. Confirm there is a quiet, cool place for your pet to lounge, whether it’s at your home or your vacation destination.


*Leave your animals in the car while traveling. Even a cloudy day or seemingly mild weather can be deadly for your fur children.

*Let pets be outside during fireworks shows. The deafening booms are frightening to pets and can result in escape attempts.

*Give dogs scraps of people food. Many foods are poisonous to dogs, including onion, chocolate, and beer. If you’re unsure, a quick internet search or call to your vet can tell you if a food is safe for your pet.

Follow these do’s and don’ts of pet safety to have a wonderful, carefree Memorial Day weekend for your entire family.

Bonus tip! Watermelon is a delicious, refreshing and safe treat to give both cats and dogs as long as the seeds are removed.

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