Pet-Friendly Office Etiquette Tips

Every dog has its day and that day is just around the corner! Businesses will be celebrating Take Your Dog to Work Day (June 23rd) in an effort to bring a bit of life, they are encouraging a pet-friendly workplace!

Pets in the workplace are quickly becoming a welcome trend. Executives are learning to replace barking orders with visits from Fido. The ability to bring your pet to work for the day provides a stress relief to employees, increases productivity, and offers a change of pace in the day-to-day office environment resulting in happy, content employees.

Before you bring in the treats and fill the water bowl, let’s review some important pet-friendly office etiquette!

Pet Proof Your Space

At home, you’ve probably already tucked away anything that could be dangerous to your pet, but it’s likely you haven’t had to give the same attention to detail around your desk. Look for poisonous plants or pesticides that could be harmful to your furry friend. Do a quick under-your-feet check at your seat to look for anything they could accidentally put in their mouths that would be harmful.

Ask First

Even with the approval of your manager, it’s still a good idea to ask the folks you interact with if they are ok with you bringing in your pet for the day. Your coworkers may have allergies or other concerns. It’s also a good opportunity to assure them that your pet is well trained and will be looked after throughout the day. This is a must for pet-friendly office etiquette!

Prep Your Pet

Be sure all of your pets’ vaccinations are up to date and they are trained to behave in a quiet environment as necessary. Make sure you exercise them well before you go so that they aren’t bursting with energy when you walk through the office door. You can use your Poof Pet Activity Tracker to monitor their exercise before you leave!

Pack A Bag (or briefcase)

Prepare the night before by packing their favorite toys and treats to make sure your pet has a few comforts of home right at your desk. This will help the transition to a new space go smoothly!

Be A Good Pet Parent

No one knows or loves your dog like you do. Watch for signs that show your pet is stressed or upset by the new environment. It’s good to develop an exit strategy in case the situation causes too many distractions for you or your colleagues. Let your manager know what your plans are in case you need to take your pet home or spend the afternoon working from a different location.

Companies that are encouraging pets in the office are on the rise so it’s important to know pet-friendly office etiquette! If your employer is extending this type of a benefit to you, be encouraged that they’re finding creative ways to make work life balance more achievable for their employees.

Have the best time introducing Fido to your office friends. Snap pictures of the big day and share them with us on the Poof App! We can’t wait to hear how much you both enjoyed this special time together!


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