Have you ever looked at your sleeping dog and thought, “I really wish we could trade lives”? Especially when he’s sleeping when you get up at 6:00 am for work, naps during your 2:00 pm meeting (when you wish you could be napping), and snoozes peacefully when you come home at 5:00. It seems like your furry friend is always snoring, but how much sleep does he really need? Dog sleep is a crucial indicator of your pet’s health and can even help indicate illness or injury.

If you, like most people, work away from home during the day, the help of a sleep tracker like the Poof Pet Activity Tracker is a great way to track your dog’s sleep. You can see periods of rest and activity and even differentiate between light and deep sleep. If Fido starts sleeping a lot more or less than usual, it can indicate a sleep disorder, illness, or pain.  The amount of sleep your dog needs can vary, but the averages break down to:

·       12-14 hours per day for adult dogs

·       18 hours per day for puppies and very large breeds

In fact, you might be surprised to hear that your furry family member is only awake for 20% of the day! Lucky, right? Although they spend nearly their whole day sleeping, it shouldn’t be a shock to you (or the mailman) that your dog’s sleep is much lighter than yours. Because he wakes up so often, your pup needs to take more frequent naps.

It’s important to monitor all aspects of your pet’s health, and sleep is just one of the crucial indicators that you can track using Poof.


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