It’s no secret dogs make awesome exercise partners. Besides the fact that they’re always eager and never complain, they also ensure we remain motivated with their enthusiasm and insistence we go for daily walks. Even when you are walking the same old path, your dog will be ever ready to follow you.

Unfortunately, we humans are not always as positive as our wonderful pets. A lot of us find taking the same route every day dull and boring. Luckily, there are a lot of dog walking tips we can use to change our daily dog walking routine in order to make it more fun and interesting. One of them is to take part in the National Walk Your Dog Week. This holiday starts October 1st to October 7th. The National Walk Your Dog Week serves as an important reminder to exercise your pet. It’s used to raise awareness about how dangerous the lack of mental and physical exercise can do to your pet’s health–like obesity. You can take part in this event with your dog to help prevent the health risks. Let’s take a look at four different dog walking tips that are bound to make your dog walking experience fun and interesting.


Taking your dog for a walk on the same old path is bound to make the exercise boring. Why not change the path and make way for new discoveries. Trust us, you’ll be delighted you make the change of environment. The sounds, the sights, and the smells will make the whole exercise a lot more interesting for you and your dog. And infused with the energetic demeanor your dog is bound to unleash, both of you will have fun without a doubt. You can find a new park or neighborhood for your dog walking experience maybe once or twice a week. It will refresh your body and mind as well as that of your wonderful pet.


Dogs consider walking to be more than an exercise. For a lot of them, they consider it to be their daily opportunity to go on an exploration of the outside world with their best friend. Now, let’s assume you are the one on an exploration, you would stop to take a look at anything that catches your attention, right? Well, this can be likened to what happens when you take your dog for a walk. You need to let him sniff around as that is his own way of exploring the world around him. You wouldn’t want to be held back on an exploration by someone you consider to be your best friend, right? So let him take a few sniff breaks so he can explore all around him. Besides the fact that sniffing provides them with the ability to explore, it also allows them to add more sensory and mental stimulation to their walk.


This is one good dog-walking tip a lot of us are not practicing. Taking a human friend with you provides you with the ability to enjoy a stroll with a good friend. It allows you to catch up on things in person over a nice, leisurely walk instead of using texts. The simplicity of a face-to-face conversation cannot be overemphasized. Walking with a human friend allows you to enjoy this simplicity and closeness. And if your friend has a dog, you can ask them to bring him along for a double dog walk.


This is another dog walking tip that’s bound to make your exercise more interesting and exciting. Do you normally walk at a slow, leisurely pace? Or do you walk brisk pace? You can switch gears and take your time to enjoy more scenery if you’re a fast walker, or speed up in order to add more intensity, adrenaline, and excitement to the walk.

These four dog walking tips will make your dog walking experience more fun and enjoyable. Additionally, make sure your dog has on his Poof Pet Activity Tracker so you can track your exercise. You also get to check out his calories burned and sleep quality. Happy Trails!

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