One awesome way to bond with your dog and still keep him active is by exercising with him. There are a lot of lifestyle activities or exercises you can enjoy with your dog; from bike riding (in which you ride the bike while your dog runs beside you) to jogging and swimming. But in the summer, when the heat comes out, no other exercise beats an outdoor swimming activity with your dog.

There are dogs that are natural born swimmers such as water spaniels, Labradors, poodles, etc. and there are others that are not that graceful in water (bulldogs, dachshunds, corgis, and pugs). Whichever type you’ve got, we have some really useful dog swimming tips. It is possible to teach your dog how to swim but how do you go about it?


First thing you need to do is get your dog a life jacket. With the help of a life jacket, you are going to be able to ensure the safety of your dog, ensure that your dog’s swimming interactions are positive, and basically enjoy a cool summer swim with your dog.

Your pet can swim with their Poof activity tracker worry free! Poof is waterproof up to 1 meter and 30 minutes.


·        First thing you need to do is find a friendly dog that already knows how to swim. This will motivate your dog and just in case you don’t know, dogs also learn by example.

·        Now, look for an area that has a lot of shallows where your dog can walk through.

·        You need to ensure that your dog gets used to the water before trying to move on to paddling.

·        Now as your dog surges forward in its dog swimming activity, practice your recalls by providing it with treats or one of its favorite floating toys.

Note – Do not force your dog to get in the water. If it is hesitant, let him have all the time it needs. You can try by encouraging him to get his feet wet but do not force him to go into the water with you. Doing this will kill his confidence and this is something you do not want. So ensure that every interaction is upbeat and positive. Keep on encouraging him and in the end, he will give in. Even if all you do on the first day is getting him to walk in the shallows, that’s definitely progress. As time goes on, he will become more confident and ready to explore. This is the exact reason why you need a friendly swimmer to come around so they can serve as confidence boosters and encouragers for your dog.


·        Ensure that you support her hindquarters and midsection until she gets a hang of the paddling mechanics. You must make sure she can paddle with her four feet before letting her go on her own, even if a life jacket is being used for the dog swimming activity.

·        Practice the dog swimming activity in an enclosed area or use a lightweight floating line or leash. Even a strong swimmer can get lost easily or get fatigued before it comes back to you.


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