What do lasagna-loving Garfield, the Cheshire cat, and thousands of internet memes have in common? They’re all fat cats! While oversized felines are adorable in photos and as Instagram sensations, it’s crucial to keep your kitty in tip-top condition so she can live the most fulfilling life possible. A 2011 study showed that over half of our cat buddies are overweight or obese. So besides putting her on a cat diet, what are some things you can do?

·       Playing with your feline family member does double duty – he gets great exercise and you get time to bond.

o   Toys like feathers on a stick or wind-up mice are perfect attention-grabbing toys to keep your cat entertained and moving.

o   Catnip is always a hit! They love the smell, and the energy they get from it provides the boost to play.

o   Walks aren’t just for dogs – believe it or not, you can walk your cat! Try a harness to keep her safe and start with short ventures. As she gets used to walking on a leash, you can go further.

·       Use the Poof pet activity tracker to keep tabs on how much your cat is moving during the day. Most likely, your kitty spends most of his day lounging in the sun, but you can see exactly how many hours a day he spends at rest versus at play.

·       Cat diet – what she eats on a regular basis – is crucial to maintaining her weight and health. Focus on providing her with quality, nutritionally dense meals. Monitor her calorie intake with the Poof app by entering her daily meal. Salmon is an excellent source of protein and good fats to keep your feline friend’s weight healthy and coat shiny.

o   Note: Canned food is a better choice for Mr. Whiskers than dry food. Dry food has too little water and too many carbohydrates and is typically overly processed.

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