To My Very Best Friend,

Sometimes you do the strangest things like decorate the house when it’s not even Christmas. What are we celebrating again? Valentine’s Day? Is that why there is an overwhelming smell of candy in our house? I have looked everywhere for your stash and can’t find it. I’m also a bit unsure why there is a string of red and pink hearts draped across the mantle in the living room. Is that a toy of some sort that you want to use to play fetch? Hearts aren’t my thing, but if it means extra time with you, I’m in! My bulldog demeanor sometimes leads others to believe that I am not cuddly and snuggly, but I am, I promise. Speaking of hearts, I’d like to share mine with you …

When we did this whole adoption thing, I thought you were the lucky one. I agreed to take on the tasks of training you because I knew in the end you had the potential to be a great best friend. The truth is, you’re an overachiever and have learned the ropes very quickly in this whole relationship game. I’m so impressed! In case it’s not obvious, here are some surefire ways to know that this dog has fallen head over heels for you!

  • Tail Tell Signs

If you haven’t noticed, I just can’t stop wagging my tail when you’re around. One way to know I’m really happy about the choices you’ve been making is when I do a full-body wag! I also tend to wag my tail to the right to show I’m happy and content. A wag to the left though means I maybe a bit worried you’re not on the right track! Also, don’t forget to check out the rest of my body language, too. If my ears are perked up and my tongue is out, you’ve got my interest and I’m excited about our next adventure.

  • Jump For Joy

Let’s face it, we both know I’m a big boy so I won’t be setting any records for the high jump, but when you come home sometimes I just can’t help but jump for joy! Others can see this as annoying, but it’s just my way of showing you love. More people should jump when they’re happy.

  • The Nearness Of You

You may notice I like to follow you around and sit right next to you. Sometimes I like to rest my head on you and just stare into your eyes. Sitting in your lap is one my favorite pass times! Why do I do this? Snuggling with you is on my daily list of things to do! The world can be a stressful place; being near my best friend makes me feel happy and relaxed. I could lay with you for hours. Those belly rubs don’t hurt either.

  • All The Senses

Finally, the way we dogs share love is through our senses. We lick, we smell, and we look and listen. Sorry about the slobber, it’s a sign of my affection. I promise these are some of the signs of true pet happiness and love!
I think we’re a match made in heaven. I’m so glad I adopted you! I guess I don’t mind celebrating this Valentine’s Day thing with you, as long you show me where you’re hiding those treats!