Did you know that today is National Love Your Pet Day?

Pet lovers everywhere agree that now more than ever our pets have become an integral part of our families. This is why we set aside a special day to focus on celebrating our pets and give them some extra love.

If you’re a cat owner you might find it hard to know if your feline friend is happy. Cats are enigmatic creatures that can be just as aloof as they are affectionate. They have a love language of their own. Here are 5 ways to make certain you keep your cat healthy and happy!

Give Them Friends 

Many people think cats like to be loners, but this is false. Cats are actually quite social and not as low maintenance as one might think. They like to be active and enjoy play as much as any other animal. Have you ever thought of giving your cat a pet cat? This way he/she can have a friend to play with when you’re away. Easing them into the introduction will help make the transition go smoothly and your new friend will be a part of the family in no time. Having a friend also keeps your cat’s lifestyle active which only adds to their nine lives! Also, you can track their activity through the Poof  Pet Activity Tracker! This neat little device lets you see how active your cats have been, how much sleeping they’re doing and also tracks their caloric intake. Poof makes it easy to keep track of your cat’s lifestyle!

Give Them Space

Cats, just like humans, like their very own space! Keep your cat indoors and help them find a place of refuge where they can retreat when they need their alone time. Also, it’s all about the perch – cats like to climb up near a window where they can sit and view their surroundings from above while you’re away! Just like us, they seek out security in their spaces. If they these areas aren’t easily accessible, they’ll find their own areas like the family room curtains—yikes! Be intentional about giving your cat a warm, comfortable place to sleep and retreat and you will have one happy cat!

Let Them Scratch

Cat scratch fever is a real thing! Our furry friends are natural born scratchers and they like to mark their territory. Consider having a special place where they can scratch to their hearts’ desire rather than declawing them. Praise them when they scratch in permissible areas so that they don’t choose your favorite piece of furniture as their very own toy. Just know that scratching is like breathing to cats, it’s something they need to do!

Keep Them Healthy

Poor nutrition can lead to several problems for your cat. Keeping your cat’s diet healthy provides him/her with energy and quality skin and hair. Offer high-quality cat food that works well with their lifestyle. Be careful not to over-feed them and always keep that fresh water available throughout the day. Stay up to date on your Veterinarian check-up’s and be proactive with their health because this reduces the potential for exorbitant vet bills. Don’t forget to have the vet check their gums and teeth regularly. A healthy cat is a happy cat!

Love Them

No matter how distant they may appear, cats crave affection from you. A gentle touch is always beneficial to a cat’s physical and mental health. You can gage a cat’s happiness in their purr. Cats are very vocal – especially when they’re happy. The pitch of their meow will be indicative of their emotions. A cat’s tail raises straight up and their eyes are expressive and dilated when they are happy! Playtime is an excellent tool to increase the bond you have with your cat and can be seen as another form of affection. Even short playtime will have lasting effects for both of you.

It’s no wonder there is a special day set aside for honoring our pets! Cat owners know there are many benefits to caring for and loving our precious furry friends. They are as much of a blessing to us as we are to them. Happy National Love Your Pet Day!





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