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The pet-approved activity tracker. 100% of proceeds are donated to

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Monitor Daily Activity

Staying motivated can be tough, even for our furry friends! Keeping track of their activity is the first step to consistent exercise. Check in with the Poof app daily to make sure they’re maintaining a healthy average. With Poof, you have a new way to keep them at their healthiest and happiest.

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Track Calories

Poof tracks your pet’s calories burned and consumed.

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Track Sleep

Poof tracks your pet’s sleep and resting levels.

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Be More Active

Big or small, young or old, our furry friends need exercise just like us! Poof provides a seamless solution to monitor your best friend’s activity. Compare your pet’s activity to others and make sure your pet is on the healthiest path. You may find yourself feeling healthier as well.

Peace of mind

Leaving your fur baby at home while you’re away at work or school can be stressful. Did that sitter or walker really show up?  Is there a disturbance and your pet is running around the house with anxiety? Are they sleeping peacefully?  Poof takes the worry and questions out of the picture, allowing you can to easily check your pets’ activity, anytime.  It’s that simple.


Our pets communicate with us as best they can, a nudge of their food bowl to ask for a second helping. Rolling onto their back when they seek affection. Dropping a ball at your feet when they want to play. But how can you tell if your best friend isn’t feeling well? The number one indicator is lethargy, or a sudden increase in sleep. Since we can’t always be with our pets to monitor their sleep patterns, Poof does it for you. Take the guesswork out when it comes to your pet’s health.

100% of profits to animal welfare.


The Pea is the battery champion, able to last up to 6 months! The battery is replaceable, tracks activity 24/7, is waterproof, and available in various colors!

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The Bean is ultra light, rechargeable, lasts up to 60 days, tracks activity 24/7, is waterproof, and available in various colors!

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